Cyclic Catastrophism Audios 1, 2, 3 with Images

The purpose of this post is to provide links to my audio discussions of Cyclic Catastrophism, originally recorded for The Alembic Files,  along with supporting images of planetary features, ancient texts and physical data. [ These talks were originally composed in 2012 and a number of ideas have been refined in recent years, but they still provide a well organized presentation of the many new ideas which comprise Cyclic Catastropism.]   This presentation discusses the combination of ancient texts: the  Rg Veda, Hindu, Egyptian, Greek and Biblical, which combined, describe the details of 100 geostationary encounters of Mars with the Earth, defining the dates and lengths of the cyclic 30 year encounters and their agreement with key Biblical verses.  The consistency of these ancient texts results from the fact that one -hundred generations of mankind witnessed the same cyclic astronomical events in the heavens close to the Earth. The descriptions in the ancient texts has made possible astrophysical explanations of the origins, interactions, makeup and recent history of the entire solar system – all of which are completely different from the accepted hypotheses of modern ‘evolutionist’ uniformitarian planetary science published as absolute truths in every textbook in the world.   Audio 1 – Audio 1. focuses on the unique one-time cosmic events needed to prepare the Earth and Mars for cyclic catastrophism and the details of the physical interactions between them during each encounter.  Listeners will be amazed at the multidisciplinary evidence and the number of ‘mysteries’ concerning the planets, which these encounters reveal. The Audio 2  audio, discussing the myths and evidence concerning  Mars’ one hundred releases from its geostationary orbit. Some of these releases were used by the Lord to perform his spectacular miracles. In this talk I explain the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt in great detail. Audio 3 is devoted primarily to the giant Jupiter, the most important and misinterpreted of all the planets, crucial to the understanding of our solar system.  Scientific papers revealing deeper understanding of Jupiter as a solid planet and the impact out of which proto-Venus was created are available on my website.  The many questions raised recently by the Juno mission are discussed on this blog site.  However, in order to make this revolutionary breakthrough the Juno team will have to go completely against the most strongly held biases of the ‘consensus science community’ in interpreting the data – something the Pioneer Venus team was not willing to do.


The latest paper, Venus a Young Earth is the penultimate source describing Venus, born from an explosive impact on Jupiter only 6,000 years ago.


The results from Juno will be just as controversial and the question is: Will the Juno team be able to follow the data, instead of the preconceived notion that Jupiter is a ‘gas giant’.  The truth about Jupiter is explored in a number of posts on this blog site.  Simply enter Jupiter  or Juno in the search box at the right of the screen.

Several hundred years after the last release of Venus, Mercury and Mars from the vicinity of the Earth (687 BC), these planets  finally settled into their current orbits.  All astronomy texts state as fact that the planets have been in their current orbits for 4.6 billion years, when in truth this is an unproveable hypotheses.   The ancient texts and the Bible reveal more about the solar system than all the manned and unmanned missions, present and future, will ever discover. The images below are not necessarily in the order mentioned in the discussions, but I will describe them based on their content, so there should not be any confusion. I may add images if certain facets of the audio need clarification. Figure 1,  is a NASA image of the Valles Marineris, an enormous, 4000 km, fault on the surface of Mars.  Compare this with the Egyptian hieroglyph of the EYE of RA, Figure 4. below.  There is no doubt that this feature was the basis of the hieroglyph.eyeofracropped Scorched path of proto-Venus

Whirlpool at Mars North Pole

Whirlpool at Mars North Pole

Figure 2 shows the scorched path of the flaming proto-Venus, Agni (fire) in the Rig Veda, which happened less than 6,000 years ago.  The resulting destruction was also described in great detail in the Greek myth of Phaethon, who was unable to guide the chariot of the Sun and allowed it to get too close to the Earth. Figure 3 Shows Mars as it appeared to the entire ancient world for 3,000 years, rotating like a wheel, counterclockwise.  The 3 km high island at the north pole (center) was the most sacred land, called the Duat, and the ‘risen land’ by the Egyptians, the biblical firmament (raqia).  At the beginning of each encounter with the Earth this island rose out of the northern tidal ocean, the Egyptian Nun.  The ancient shorelines of the Nun can be seen surrounding the island.  The Tharsis Bulge and Valles Marineris can be see on the limb (left) of the planet.  Mars was 530 times the area of the full Moon when in its geostationary orbit of the Earth and surface to surface distance of only some 33,800 km. The island and the land beyond the sea, were called ‘the two lands’ by the Egyptians were therefore a reference to Mars, not to upper and lower Egypt, as currently believed.

Eye of Ra hieroglyph

Figure 4. Eye of Ra hieroglyph

Correction curve for radiocarbon dating shows continual change in the atmosphere during the Vedic Period

Figure 5. The Intcal calibration curve for correcting the raw measured radio carbon dates, which assume there was no change in the Earth’s atmosphere. The slope (change) of the correction value during the Vedic Period indicated that the atmosphere of the Earth was changing throughout the whole period. This was due to the influx of priori-Mars entire atmosphere. As a result, Mars today has very little atmosphere left. Why anyone talks about humans living there is beyond me, since all of its elements beneficial to life were just transferred to the Earth.

The pharaoh's soul mounted upon the solid core inside priori-Mars awaiting launch.

Figure 6. This Egyptian drawing shows their idea of the launching of the solid core of priori-Mars, at the right, through the ‘double doors’ (Valles Marineris) at the left. They imagined that the soul of the deceased pharaoh first climbed to the Duat, then went into the Amenta (underworld), mounted the solid core and with numerous deities cheering him on, he rode the glowing solid core as his ‘ship’ to the Aten (also priori-Mars).

horusfacewithNaja Figure 7  The Face of Horus, actually the Tharsis Bulge on Mars. Image was color coded by NASA to show elevation. I have outlined the ‘face’ which was seen by the first one hundred generations of mankind. Note that the west end of the Valles Marineris extend into the ‘mouth’ of the face, originating the epithet ‘Hera-p-kart’ (meaning ‘Horus the Child’).  I have also added a volcanic plume extending upward from Olympus Mons. which was the origin of the Egyptian Ureaus deitiy, an upright cobra, shown on the forehead of the statue of Hera-p-kart, also worn on the foreheads of the pharaohs.  This feature was also seen as the ‘Face of Siva’ in Hindu texts, in which Olympus Mons was considered Siva’s third eye, and was the origin of the tilapa, the red mark placed on the forehead of all Hindu believers.

Horus the Child left cropped

Figure 8. Statue of Horus the Child, with left-hand finger in his mouth, based on the west end of the Valles Marineris, the side-knot adopted by the Egyptians for their children, reflecting Alba Mons, and the Uraeus diety on forehead all inspired by the feature in Fig. 7


Figure 9.  The hieroglyph mistakenly translated ‘gold’.  It actually represented Mars in its geostationary orbit (suggested by the legs), from which the seven largest volcanic plumes extended down toward the Earth (the seven Uraeus deities originating in the Amenta or underworld). Isisnebu Figure 10.  Pictograph of Isis (Moon) directly above Mars, i.e. aligned with it, which caused convulsions within priori-Mars resulting in many more volcanic plumes shooting down toward the Earth. AkhenatenAten Figure 11.  Akhenaten worshipping the Aten (one of many names for Mars).  The rays from Mars represent the resources, minerals, water, atmosphere and seeds (essentially life)with which Mars showered the Earth between 3700 and 700 BC. djed Figure 12. The Tet  or Djed Pillar was a hieroglyph representing the hardened lava column, also known as ‘the column of smoke and fire’ in the Bible osirisdjed Figure 13.  The Djed Pillar with the accoutrements of Osiris.


Figure 14. The fragments (scoria) from the innumerable collapses of the hardened lava column (Tet, Djed pillar, Osiris) surrounding the Viking 1 lander, similar rocks are strewn about the Viking 2 lander thousands of kilometers distant, both were far from any volcanoes.

Jupiter Jet drawing in 1200 AD Arabic doc.

Figure 17 Jupiter Jet drawing in 700 AD Arabic doc.

AnubisFigure 15. The head of Anubis – a characature of Mars, the snout is Tharsis Bulge, eye is ‘eye of Ra’ (or Horus), green in southern hemisphere opposite bulge showing vegetation still was present on Mars. .

Martian Topography001

Figure 16. Global topographic map of Mars showing the entire northern hemisphere significantly (7 km) below the planetary datum, due to the vast amount of rock and iron blasted into space during cyclic catastrophism.

~ by Angiras on November 30, 2012.

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  2. Do you have a link to the audio files please?

  3. Folks don’t talk about cyclic catastrophism because they have never heard of it.
    I guess you are talking about God’s intervention into the world. Evolutionists,
    including planetary scientists and astrophysicists, believe, because they have accepted
    the faulty knowledge from their elders, think they know everything. They are comfortable in
    their ‘consensus community’, but true knowledge comes from the realization that God is
    real and has demonstrated His Grace, not only by creating mankind, but then by creating
    and moving entire planets to rejuvenate our world. Everyone should talk about it.
    It explains hundreds of things that are more exciting and important than the daily news.
    Read Peleh: Hidden Knowledge

  4. A motivating discussion is worth comment. I do believe that you need to publish more about this subject matter,
    it may not be a taboo matter but typically folks don’t talk about such issues.
    To the next! Many thanks!!

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  6. […] encounter with the Earth.  As discussed in other posts, such as the Martian drainpipe  and in my Hour 3 discussion, these releases were absolutely necessary for complete transfer of all of Mars’ […]

  7. […] encounter with the Earth.  As discussed in other posts, such as the Martian drainpipe  and in my Hour 3 discussion, these releases were absolutely necessary for complete transfer of all of Mars’ […]

  8. […] encounter with the Earth.  As discussed in other posts, such as the Martian drainpipe  and in my Hour 3 discussion, these releases were absolutely necessary for complete transfer of all of Mars’ […]

  9. Ron,
    I believe the time of sorrows only applied to the encounter periods. It reminds me of the vyatapata (disastrous falls) in the Hindu Surya Siddhanta. Not understanding the nature of the events, the Dogon translator could very well interpreted ‘falls’ as ‘sorrows’.

    I hadn’t known about the pole on the Dogon heads, thanks. One more confirming fact.

    At 44,400 km (center to center) orbital distance, even the Amerind peoples in North America could see priori-Mars to the north near the horizon. The ‘column of smoke and fire’ inspired their totem poles and the legend of the strong warrior that shot an arrow that stuck in heaven and repeated such good shots that stuck in the rear end of the previous arrows, until he created a ladder to reach heaven.

    Maybe the shattering of the column suggested circumcisn, although most cultures associated it with ejaculation – i.e. excitement caused by alignments with the Moon.

    Remember, the column rose from the north pole of Mars, not from the Valles Marineris.

    I am fascinated by the Curiosity data possibly being withheld because it cannot be explained.

  10. John,

    It was nice to here you point out on Ted’s show that the Dog Star was not Sirius but priori-Mars. Hopefully the information you’ve been revealing about the real Dog Star will be picked up by the Dogon researchers to shed some clarifying light on that culture’s astronomical memory.

    I’ve read portions of Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen’s English translated book “The Pale Fox” about the Dogon beliefs and customs. So much of what I’ve noticed in that book points to priori-Mars and the scenario you’ve discussed. In particular I remember hearing that the time of a new moon is “a time of sorrows” or something similarly phrased. That seems to be referring to the intensified convulsions from within priori-Mars as our sun, Earth, priori-Mars and our moon lined up with the moon obscured by Mars during the 15 year period of a Dance Encounter.
    Do you know of any way “a time of sorrows” would have applied to a new moon during the off encounter 15 year period?

    Also during ceremonies Dogon men wear something on their heads looking a lot like the Tet. It seems to extend at least 5 or six feet above their heads. When I saw that I immediately thought of Osiris/Brahma/Atlas.
    And being in western Africa they would have had a good view of the Valles Marineris as it rotated around in view. I’ve been wondering if that image influenced them to begin circumcising. They circumcise male and female.
    I just wonder how that custom began?


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