Climate Change – Guilty Again

Fig.1 Noctilucent clouds illuminated by sunlight after sunset.

One way to get a paper published today is to blame climate change for anything. The latest is that it causes noctilucent ice crystal clouds, or sky light. The authors state: “We speculate that the clouds have always been there, but the chance to see one was very, very poor, in historical times,” said Franz-Josef Lübken, an atmospheric scientist at the Leibniz Institute of Atmospheric Physics in Kühlungsborn, Germany and lead author of the new study in Geophysical Research Letters.”

Turns out the CO2 did not work, but using every possible MODEL in the climate-change bag, they concluded that increasing methane, previously from cows, caused water to climb to the mesopause, the top of the mesosphere, a few months of the year. The ‘study’ found the increase in atmospheric methane since the late 1800s has significantly increased the amount of water vapor in the middle atmosphere. This more than doubled the amount of mesospheric ice present in the mid latitudes from 1871 to 2008, according to the study. The entire study was based on atmospheric models with lots of mumbo-jumbo equations.

The study found(?) that the increased water vapor in the middle atmosphere is making ice crystals larger and noctilucent clouds more visible. “Water vapor in the middle atmosphere comes from two sources: water vapor from Earth’s surface that is transported upward, and methane, a potent greenhouse gas that produces water vapor through chemical reactions in the middle atmosphere”. There is no mention of water vapor raining down into the upper atmosphere, I wonder why.

Louis Frank’s Millions of Small Comets

It is strange that the authors ignored papers by Louis Frank and and John B. Sigwarth working with the NASA Polar satellite imaged thousands of comets the size of small houses bombarding the Earth’s atmosphere every day, the University of Iowa physicist reported. The comets break up into water vapor as they enter the atmosphere, “We find objects coming in about the rate of 20 every minute, one every three seconds,” Frank said. “It looks like a small, small two bedroom house and it weighs 20 to 40 tons.”

The acceptance of this inexlainable phenomenon set the astronomical community wild because their standard model says that the solar system has been essentially the same for the last 4.5 billion years. So this could not be happening. Frank was ostracized and even though his work was supported by the University of Iowa, and a few of his original detractors, his papers were denied further publication.

Cyclic Catastrophism

Louis Frank’s paper was a validation of CC. It is entirely consistent with the recent creation of proto-Venus by an impact on Jupiter 6,000 years ago. Proto-Venus is too hot for the lighter elements ejected by the impact explosion to settle on its 864 degrees F surface, and therefore they continue circling in the inner solar system. This is obviously the source of the water producing the noctilucent clouds. Next problem for the climate change guys – the rising ocean levels.

~ by Angiras on August 1, 2018.

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