The Origin of Saturn’s Rings

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As if in response to the explanation of Saturn’s rings in my new book Miracle: The Creation of the Earth, a bevy of establishment scientists have just published a view on the subject in Science Magazine titled: “The loss of a satellite could explain Saturn’s obliquity and young rings.” The paper claims that a Saturn moon may have crashed into the (gaseous?) planet over 100 million years ago producing the “young rings.” A long summary of the paper in Science magazine is available? (link below).

This is contrasted with the estimate in “Miracle” of 6000 BC, which claims that the rings of Saturn and the notable damage to Uranus and Neptune were the result of the impacts of many “Juno asteroids” which could be seen being blasted from Jupiter by the naked eye from the Earth in the aftermath of the impact on Jupiter from which the (incomplete) proto-Venus was created. The remaining nuclear reaction on Jupiter (P + D => 3He++ +4.9 MeV) has declined in the last 6,000 years but is still burning, producing the Great Red Spot and other significant cosmological material.

Article Summary:

Prehistoric Egyptian Calendar

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The prehistoric Egyptian calendar verifies the ninety-nine captures and releases of Horus, the Aten of Akhenaten, explained in the new book: Miracle: The Creation of the Earth. Egyptologists believe that the calendar of the pre-Hellenistic period comprised three ‘months’ of 120 days, i.e. 360 days, with five “epagomenal days” at the end. The 360-day years were the result of the Aten being tidally locked in a geostationary orbit above the Himalayas blasting soil, water, atmosphere and vegetative life to the Earth. Each time it was released into its recovery orbit of the sun the five epagomenal days were added to match the normal rotation of the Earth.

Although the ancient Egyptians cleverly adapted to the astronomical changes, modern-day Egyptologists, along with all planetary scientists in the world, have failed to understand that these captures and releases continued for 3,000 years up until 687 BC. The same changes in the length of the year are inherent in the Aztec calendar (Fig. 6 of Miracle) in which the five ‘bad days’ are represented by four rectangles and central circle.

Miracle: The Creation of the Earth

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/This book explains the origin of the solar system, the makeup of each planet, the differences between the giant and the terrestrial planets and the recent creation of proto-Venus (not fully formed Venus) from an explosive impact of an ancient planet (Metis in Greek myth) on Jupiter as recently as 4000 BC currently believed to be the CMB. After the successful deployment of the probes by the Pioneer Venus probe, the failure to find the assumed carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 50 km down to the surface despite the locating of the lower cloud layers measured by the three free-falling probes, investigators claimed to that the intake valves were clogged by droplets of sulfuric acid and when the CO2 channel started to give a signal close to the surface, jumped to the conclusion that the valve had become unclogged and that carbon dioxide was indeed present all the way to the surface, failing to identify it as the high temperature compound Carbon Sulfide (44.066) with a similar molecular weight as Carbon Dioxide (44.009) the crystallized form of which accounted for the red haze from 31 kilometers up to the lower cloud layer at 48 kilometers. Unfortunately the data cannot now be reviewed because the counts in all channels transmitted to the Earth were expressed relative to the carbon dioxide channel counts, reflecting the assumption that carbon dioxide was present throughout the atmosphere. To this day the atmosphere of Venus is published as carbon dioxide in spite of the evidence that none is present below 50 kilometers.

The Creation of the Earth

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Habakkuk 1:5 Behold ye among the heathen, and regard, and wonder maevellously: for I will work a work in your days, which ye will not believe, though it be told you.

The many secrets of the solar system revealed on this site originated from ancient texts of multiple cultures composed by our forebears who observed the same planets close above the Earth but gave them different names. The planets were brought close to the Earth as part of a master plan by an extra-terrestrial culture to save the endangered life-forms on its former inner-solar system planet by transferring them to the earth. This was accomplished by destroying existing life on the earth at the K-T extinction ~ 4000 BC then moving their former ‘home planet’ to repeatedly become captured in a geostationary orbit, raising our granite mountains, moving the continents and gently blasting its precious seeds, soil, water, in red clouds of water which formed the current crust and vegetation of the Earth while the earliest humans watched, marveled and praised it as a god. This new book currently in press, gives the details of every step in this miraculous process never imagined, thereby solving the Fermi paradox.

Big Bang is Dead, Universe Not Expanding

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large dark nebulae with giant planets

The entire Big Bang house of cards stems from mankind’s lack of knowledge of the planets in our solar system. The giant planets, including Jupiter, are highly deuterated solid, low density, methane gas hydrate bodies. The high deuterium fractionation took place in cold (< 20 K) large dark nebulae shown in the 20 young star systems images recently published by ALMA.

Methane gas hydrate is primarily water ice. Impacts on Jupiter produce the terrestrial planets with their huge oceans, but the water cannot settle on the proto-planet until it cools. The water from the recent Venus impact was blasted into the inner solar system and is visible as the zodiacal lights. Actually some of it is falling every day to the Earth in the form of hundreds of ‘small comets’ per day, imaged by the Polar satellite in the UV and published by Louis Frank & John Sigwarth. Prof. Frank has been ostrasized by the scientific ‘community’ ever since, showing that you can only be a member if you tow the ‘standard theory’ line.

The CMB is merely radiation from an explosive impact on Jupiter 6,000 years ago, out of which proto-Venus was born, being re-radiated from particles in the Milky Way. This explains why the radiation is incident on the solar system from all directions, which is impossible to explain in the Big Bang. Physical evidence present today of this event lies in the inexplicably high temperature, 870o F, of proto-Venus and the radiant excess of Jupiter. The great red spot marks the impact point on Jupiter, where a fusion reaction of proton and deuterium (P + D -> 3He++ + 4.9 MeV) continues to this day producing 3He++ at a rate of 1032 per second.

The invisible doubly charged products of that fusion reaction orbit Jupiter prograde producing its powerful magnetic field, 20,000 times more powerful than the Earth’s magnetic field, which planetary scientists believe constitute an inner radiation belt because these particles almost destroyed the Juno high energy detector, JEDI.

These particles are lost to space as fast as they are produced and capture one electron becoming a stable positive ion 3He+ called a helion. These positively charged helions have been streaming out into space in enormous numbers since the impact, 6,000 years ago, forming a circular edge-brightened cloud of invisible charged particles of normal matter surrounding the solar system, bound by gravity, which do not combine because they are all positively charged.

Similar clouds of the same particles are emitted from every star system for every terrestrial planet in every galaxy in the universe.

These are currently imagined to be mysterious non baryonic dark matter that drew the normal matter in each galaxy together, but they are normal matter that came from giant planets (normal matter) as a result of terrestrial planet creation. 

Hubble Constant

These clouds of 3He+ normal matter alone result in the Hubble constant. They cannot combine because they are all positively charged. They cause a redshift in the light that passes through them, originally proposed as ‘tired light’ by Fritz Zwicky in 1929 and became of interest when Edwin Hubble found redshifts. They act as optical, not gravitational, lenses explaining what are interpreted as dark matter concentrations (Menenghetti et al.) smaller than those simulated for unknown dark matter and are also detected as circular radio sources, ORCs, (Norris et al) because the particles comprising them are charged. In addition the particles scatter light through large angles because of their small size, which cannot cause visible blurring at cosmological distances, and thereby reduce the measured energy of standard candles (Riess), the second quantity determining H0.

  1. Since the ‘CMB’ is re-radiated energy from a 6,000 year old impact on Jupiter the Big Bang is dead.
  2. The clouds of particles of normal matter produced from the formation of terrestrial planets account for the Hubble constant the universe is not expanding.

This entire process will be revealed when the fusion reaction on the surface of Jupiter dies out. Not only will the Great Red Spot disappear, but also the powerful magnetic field of Jupiter will disappear along with the wind bands and colored clouds and Jupiter will be revealed as the giant ice planet it really is, the same as Uranus and Neptune.

All textbooks on astronomy will have to be rewritten