Does Genesis Reveal the Creation of the Earth?

A book website ( with the title “Is Genesis History? Mountains After the Flood” claims that  the mountains were the result of Noah’s flood, but the creation of the earth was more complex. Genesis does reveal the creation of the earth, but the recent formation of the current Earth was not a one-time event. It took place between 4000 and 687 BC. During this creation period a diminutive planet, observable at great distance today, full of modern life forms became captured ninety-nine times by tidal drag above the Himalayas, alignments of which with the Moon and Venus blasted ocean, hematite soil, atmosphere, seeds and sprouts to the earth as the earliest generations of mankind watched . Each capture period lasted 14.4 years and each release lasted 15.6 years, the intervals between captures and releases were noted by Immanuel Velikovsky as “raash” (commotions) in historical Jewish documents but he did not understand that they had continued since 4000 BC prior to  the historical period . Each capture caused a slowing of the rotation of the lithosphere relative to the mantle which produced a world-wide flood. It was these ninety-nine captures which brought everything to the earth that is now found above the iridium spike (K-T extinction) and relocated every continent. Not one but ninety-nine floods are what caused the spectacular features on the earth. The 15.6-year escape  periods allowed the diminutive life-giving planet’s vegetation and geology to recover from the encounters with the more massive earth and the release periods allowed the continents to drift by momentum and produced the granite mountain ranges unique to the earth. The flood of Noah occurred when the 44th capture failed creating even greater geological features but the subsequent captures produced the regular layers observed today. The entire recent history of the solar system during this period is told by Miracle: The Creation of the explained in Genesis

~ by Angiras on November 4, 2023.

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