Knowledge of the Entire Solar System and mankind’s origin

The events detailed in the new book Miracle: The Creation of the Earth all took place and science may catch up in a decade, but as long as the PhDs of the world are prevented from free thinking by the Standard Model, they will never succeed. Modern science believes that all the planets in the solar sys were created 4.5 billion years ago, in spite of their great variety. Whereas each planet has a unique birthday on which an impact on Jupiter created them. Mars was created 4.6 billion years ago but its rocks have been blasted to all the other bodies, even the Moon. Even more unknown the ‘planet’ Mercury is the former solid core of Mars and Venus was created the same way but only 6000 years ago and does not spin because the entire interior is sill molten. Amazingly, the meaningful events in this history took place while the newly created Homo Sapiens watched and wrote about them. The earth and the solar system was formed as a history lesson for mankind which is summed up in this book which you can have on your computer or iphone immediately as a 200 page Kindle book with color illustrations for $5 dollars. No book ever written has represented such a revolution.

Can you imagine the few pennies I will earn on each one? I have been trying to get Amazon to let me pay for them all so the world can get the book free, but the system is so automated that Kindle only answers the questions they invented. If anyone has information on how this can be done, please send a comment to that effect.

~ by Angiras on August 7, 2023.

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