A search for the term “‘Mysticism” provides seven ‘Christian’ versions, one Islamic (Sufi), one Buddhist and Jewish mysticisms. All theses views are dated well after the creation period explained in Miracle: The Creation of the Earth. The ninety-nine captures and releases of the planet that rained down life, moved the continents, grew the beautiful granite mountain ranges and increased the ocean depths in a mere 3,000 years between 4000 and 687 BC which we have termed cycliccatastrophism was the source of mysticism in all cultures but its true nature was impossible to express in the vocabulary of the times. Indeed it is still impossible to comprehend in the modern vocabulary of the PhDs because of the arbitrary institutional rules limiting what they are ‘allowed’ to think and are ‘forced’ to believe (evolution). This earth is visited daily by extraterrestrials who have come from distant intelligences to see this miracle and by bots from the intelligence which created the earth to prevent our nuclear destruction of it before they return.

This should not limit the thinking and beliefs of intelligent peoples, especially when we are bombarded daily by AI talking heads on TV spouting a maize of unproven ideas such as the big bang, football-like, hopelessly divided government, the threat of nuclear Armageddon, dietary advice involving foods we have never eaten and overpopulation of the earth.

~ by Angiras on August 2, 2023.

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