What ‘Science’ doesnt know

The birth of Venus is an example of how all terrestrial planets formed. Its explosive birth out of Jupiter was triggered by the impact of an ancient planet Metis on the soft highly deuterated methane gas hydrate about 4000 BC, the tunnelling of which directed the ejected mass in a dipole form (sound familiar?) and the immediate transfer of mass was so powerful that the entire earth “cried out”, as stated in many ancient texts. The heavy elements quickly contracted gravitationally into a plasma sphere, obvious from its lack of rotation, but the lighter elements with greater velocities were excluded by the radiation (Jeans) and continued into the inner solar system where they rotate as the zodiacal lights waiting to settle on it once it cools and impart that rotation as all terrestrial planets have done. Some of that light material was observed falling to earth by the polar satellite in the form of hundreds of house-sized comets, reported by true scientists with open minds who have been ostrasized since by the ‘standard model types

Of particular interest to your link between Saturn and Neptune, the birth of Venus left behind an enormous nuclear blaze on the surface of Jupiter at 20 S Lat and based on Fred Hoyle’s ruminations on the original spin rate of Jupiter that its rotation could have been about one day, the blaze extended two million miles, almost to Callipso and was observed by the naked eye. It was called Juno and the myths describe Juno as a motion back and forth as an aegis (shield) (Greek) in combat and as an elephant swinging his trunk back and forth (Rigveda). Given the rotation rate combined with Jupiter’s orbital velocity and the speed of the nuclear particles gives a velocity of 17800 km/s. Large masses moving at this velocity immediatly would have caused fusion explosions on the other deuterated giant planets sufficient to unbalance their rotation and released blasted huge amounts methane into their atmospheres leaving the other primary component of methane gas hydrate water on their surfaces as have been reported by the Voyager 2 mission (in 87 and 89). Saturn, being closest, was bombarded with so many of these massive high velocity Juno asteroids that blasted ice particles forming its rings and greatly expanded its gaseous atmosphere. Indeed, some of these Juno asteroids are still impacting the surface today, the mushroom clouds of which rise to the top of the atmosphere and are interpreted as ‘storms’ and the mysterious shadows on the rings are material being blasted by present-day impacts. Indeed, this event was the origin of the entire asteroid belt.

 The plasma sphere proto-Venus passed close to the earth scorching the soil of the Sahara and the middle east to sand and covered the earth with a deep cloud of heavy elements, iridium, sulfur which wiped the earth clean of all animal and vegetable life (the K-T extinction) and inverted the lithosphere by a tidal impuilse on the Himalayas. Venus’ orbit then began a series of encounters with a diminutive inner home planet abandoned by an advanced culture due to the increasing of the heat of the Sun with a mass of only 0.2 times that of the earth today covered with oceans and the beautiful life forms we have on earth today. These encounters supplemented by the plasma makeup of the heavy element proto-Venus ‘reaching out’ at each closest approach increased the eccentricity of the  home planet until its orbit intersected that of the Earth. Then began a series of ninety-nine captures (14.4 years) and releases (15.6years), of the home planet in a geostationary orbit above the Himalaya noted as ‘raash’ in the earliest recorded Jewish documents. Because the raash began prior to the creation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens by this culture these were barely noted in commercial documents, therefore archaeologists have not seen much of them. These 30-year capture and release cycles lasted 3,000 years during which the earth received its entire crust and vegetation and all of the ocean and atmosphere of the small planet. 

The capture of a planet in a geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailas, known as “Indras home on Earth” in eastern cultures, was accomplished when at its closest approach (38,000 km) the Himalayas became tidally linked to the planet which dragged it in or near the ecliptic plane along with the entire lithosphere, slowed its rotation relative to the mantle beneath causing the tectonic plates of the world to grind against one another and the oceans of the earth flooded eastward, aided by the tidal attraction of the home planet raising the ocean surrounding the Himalayas. These captures and the accompanying floods occurred every 30 years and were the reasons for the construction of all pyramids. tells, and ziggurats for 3,000 years. The flooding at releases were less intense as the lithosphere caught up with the mantle. The continents of the earth were moved to their current locations, those on the far side by its indirect tide.

The ninety-nine releases served several purposes: they allowed the home planet vegetation and its shape, greatly distorted during each capture period, to recover. The same interval started the enormous granite mountain chains that are still growing to this day found only on earth. The entire history involved every planet in the solar system and thereby provided the nature and composition of each one. These will never be explained by equations and the simple assumptions on which planetary science is currently based. These events give important clues that can guide probes and explain many features on Mars that geologists may interpret. Along these lines the soil and sedimentary rocks above the iridium spike came from blasts of hundreds of volcanoes on the home planet, which is why the dates of zircon crystals in even a shovel of dirt have wide ranges, but more significant they are dates from the home planet volcanos which are much older than the earth and are not giving geological dates. The beginning of the Cenozoic Era was ~ 4000 BC, so every date should be reduced by at least 66 million years.

Please consider my book, it covers many subjects because I am not forced to follow the assumptions that the ‘standard model’ imposes on the thinking throughout the entire world which are going to be proved wrong sooner than later. I am 88 years old and care nothing about making money but am sad for all of the young minds being wasted on stogy ideas (Laplace, Lyell, Sagan, Head, Hubbard) when there are exciting ideas just waiting to be considered on an equal ground with them.

Miracle: The Creation of the Earth.

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