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Miracle: The Creation of the Earth

The crust, ocean, vegetation and atmosphere of an ancient interior planet in the solar system, full of beautiful life forms, was brought to the vicinity of the earth by multiple encounters with a plasma form of Venus newly created for this purpose by an advanced extraterrestrial culture by increasing its eccentricity so that it intersected that of the earth. It was then captured by tidal drag and released ninety-nine times in a geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailas and its crust, hematite soil, seeds, ocean and atmosphere were blasted to the earth between 3687 and 687 BC. Each capture period lasted 14.4 years and the release periods used for the life-giving planet to recover lasted 15.6 years. The captures involved the tidal drag of the earth’s lithosphere which changed its orientation and slowed its rotation relative to the mantle resulting in 360 days per year. The alternating of the days-per-year from 365 to 360 is reflected in all prehistoric calendars, usually as several months that add up to 360 days with 5 additional days at the end, which were only counted during the release periods. Archaeologists mistakenly believe these were intercalary days meant to bring a ‘lunar’ year to correspond to a civil (astronomical) calendar. These captures began prior to the creation of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, so its alternating presence the heavens seemed perfectly natural like the Moon and were not mentioned in the business correspondence of the times, used by archaeologists so it has not become retained in modern history.

The entire story reveals for the first time in history how solar systems form, that the giant planets are highly deuterated methane gas hydrates, clathrates, which form in the dark dusty nebula along with the star where the full range of elements become incorporated. In this environment, the giant planets become solid highly deuterated methane gas hydrate, nominally (CH4)4(H2O)23. As a result, impacts on them trigger nuclear fusion explosions D + H => 3He++ + 4.9 MeV.

The terrestrial planets are formed one at a time by explosive impacts on the giant planets. The expanding radiation from the impact that created Venus ~4000 BC is heating dust particles in the Milky Way galaxy which are reradiating a small amount back toward the earth from all directions and is mistakenly believed to be the CMB from the creation of the universe. Therefore negating the big bang, dark matter and dark energy.

These fusion explosions leave behind a blazing fusion reaction on the giant planet at the impact point which declines slowly for 5,000 years, therefore Jupiter is still notably warm and is now only releasing 1030/s helions (3He++) the Coriolis effect on which forms the Great Red Spot and enter a powerful stream of these doubly ionized helions which orbit Jupiter prograde some 500 km above the surface, produce the powerful magnetic field and after a few orbits, capture an electron and form a stable ion, a huge invisible cloud of which encircles the solar system. The same process takes place in every star system in the universe with terrestrial planets. These invisible circular helion clouds of 3He+ scatter and redshift all light passing through them and act as optical lenses. The clouds are concentrated in galaxies and galaxy clusters where dark matter is expected but comprise ordinary matter that act as small optical lenses clumpier than that imagined for dark matter. Their scattering throughout the universe is the probable cause of the light detected by the New Horizons probe in the darkest area reached.

At the time of the birth of Venus, Jupiter was likely rotating about once a day (Hoyle, The Cosmogony of the Solar System, Chapter 12) and the fusion blaze on its surface extended two million kilometers as far as Callipso. It could be seen by the naked eye and was called Juno in Roman myths. This motion was made clear by the myths that described it: as Zeus’ shield being used in combat; in the Rigveda as an elephant mrtanda swinging his trunk from side to side; and the flying hair as Juno, Jupiter’s wife moving from side to side to attempting to observe Jupiter’s trysts with the closest moon, Io.

Due to the rapid rotation of Jupiter plus its orbital velocity the solidified fusion products cast into the outer solar system at > 2,000 kilometers per second massive chunks in all directions forming the asteroid belt but the ones cast into the outer solar system had such high velocities that they caused nuclear fusion when they struck the outer planets. The closest, Saturn was struck by so many of these that blasted ice from the deuterated methane gas hydrate surface into space and created its rings and inflated its atmosphere and to illustrate the recent nature of these events, are still observed to this day, but the resulting mushroom clouds rising to the top of the atmosphere are identified by astronomers as ‘storms’ and the ‘mysterious shadows’ on the rings are due to more ice being blasted into the rings. Many impacts on the more distant outer planets resulted in fission explosions which knocked both Uranus and Neptune off their original spin axes. So many explosive impacts on Uranus have released so much methane from the methane gas hydrate that the entire planet is illuminated with its spectral light blue and a comparable amount, the hydrate is now water on its surface and to a lesser degree on Neptune, as reported by the Voyager 2 mission, which has wisely been studied after twenty years of being ignored. The origin of all asteroids from Jupiter is strongly suggested by the fact that tens of thousands of asteroids are currently orbiting at its 4th and 5th Lagrange points.

Regardless of all these cosmic events, the ninety-nine captures by which the ‘kingdom’ brought life to earth is a miracle, the revelation of which is implied in Isaiah 29: 13-14 and Habakkuk 1:5 on the back cover. The author believes that the gospel of the “kingdom of God” in the bible was an attempt by John the Baptist and Jesus Christ to explain, in the vocabulary of their day, that Jesus was an ambassador from an extra-terrestrial ‘kingdom’ which created the earth we know today and created Homo Sapiens Sapiens to husband it, moreover that Jesus is destined to return at the approaching apocolypse to reign over the earth and solve the issues mankind has created as suggested by  Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders

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