Corrections to Current Geological Ages

Granite less than 6000 years old
Granite less than 6000 years old

As should be noted based on many previous blogs herein, the events which shaped the Earth we live on today took place literally in the last 6,000 years, more specifically between 3687 and 687 BC because the K-T extinction at which proto-Venus destroyed the surface of the Earth preceded the creation period . When the Aten captures above the Himalayes began, its cyclic tidal effects in each 14.4 year were specifically designed to draw the silicon minerals in the melted rhyolite at the top of the mantle up into the lithosphere which during the 15.6 years that the Aten was released into each recovery orbit, had time to cool and crystalize forming granite and the next cycle repeated this process while the lava feeding the process was still molten. This process has recently been supported by a paper from the University of Texas, “Earth’s mantle Has a Gooey Layer We Never Knew About” by Junlin Hua et al. which has found the melted layer of rhyolite beneath the lithosphere around the entire world. This creation period essentially marks what is currently thought to be the beginning of the Cenozoic era at ~3687 BC, as opposed to 66 Ma currently believed.

The reason for the error in dating has resulted from the uranium vs lead found in zircon crystals in the soil and rocks. Since the entire crust of the Earth was blasted gently in clouds of water, soil, hematite, seeds, sprouts, atmosphere from Aten, so were the zircon crystals found in the soil surrounding the fossils, which are currently used to determine their earth ages. But the hundreds of volcanoes were on the planet Aten, so they give the ages of those volcanic eruption on the outer shell of which is now known as Mars. I realize geologists are used to the dates, but because of the huge error there should be an attempt to correct the ages.

An example of this problem in dating is given by a recent article about finding a dinosaur fossil with soft tissue intact, where the title says the fossil is 70 million years old. That is impossible.The K-T extinction occurred only 6,000 years ago. See article at :>wbna7285683

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