Earth – A Priviledged Planet

The two biblical verses above announced the creation of this book. Considering the unique features of the Earth compared to the other planets in the solar system, it is obvious that the earth is a blessed planet. What mankind fails to realize are the events that brought this about all occurred in the last 6000 years. The entire thin crust and all the fully developed vegetable and animal life we experience today was transferred from a nearby planet during a period of 3000 years by an advanced culture who also created Homo Sapiens Sapiens in their image, the myths of which recorded the process. In order to accomplish this transfer the planet was captured and released ninety-nine times. Since the planet was captured in a geostationary orbit it remained visible to most cultures on earth fixed in the heavens. Each gave it different names, Indra (Rigveda), Brahma (Hindu), Ba’al (Mesopotamia), Horus and Ra (Egyptian), Zeus (Greek) and Dagda (Celtic) in their myth.

The planet, approximately 0.2 times the mass of the earth was captured in a geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailas by becoming tidally bound to the Himalayas and tidally dragged the Himalayas near to the ecliptic plane, at an angle of 31 degrees relative to the equator and slowed the rotation of the entire lithosphere relative to the mantle. The sudden slowing of the lithosphere caused the oceans of the world to flow eastward across the continents draining the Mediterranean and Red Seas and establishing a tidal bulge surrounding the highest Himalayan peaks. The only culture that experienced the bulge for each capture the next 14.4 years were the Aryan people in the western Punjab who described it as the Samudra and became a sailing culture.

The capturing of the Himalayas in the ecliptic plane by the planet rotated the entire lithosphere of the earth in one day establishing a temporary north pole in central Canada for each 14.4-year capture period during which the Laurentide ice sheet, estimated to have covered millions of square miles and a large portion of northern United States, on some occasions New York and and the coastal Great Lakes. The captures continued every 30 years between 3687 and 687 BC, not nearly as early as the Pleistocene as currently by imagined by geologists. Based on the cyclic captures and releases these ice sheets and the floods that followed were repeated ninety-nine times proven by the layered deposits and each ice sheet melted when the planet left the earth creating the enormous flooding from Lake Missoula. The book explains the importance of the release periods.

Noah’s flood

The captures and releases of this planet provide an explanation of Noah’s flood. The capture failed on the 44th (2351 BC) approach and caused the oceans to be swept around the earth killing all animal life. This interrupted the accumulations of level banded iron deposits and the Missoula flood deposits, but earlier deeper banded iron deposits are found distorted in many places by Noah’s flood. However, in some locations, such as the San Poil valley the full ninety-nine rythmic deposits are still present.

Prehistoric Calendars

Egyptian and Aztec (Mayan?) calendars both have three hundred and sixty days used during each capture period when the lithosphere’s rotation relative to the mantle was slowed and five “bad days” that were used when the planet was released into an orbit of the sun. Physical evidence of the resulting westward motion of the lithosphere relative to the mantle have been the source of continuous research by geologists for twenty years.


The escapes of the planet from geostationary orbit were the most spectacular events in each cycle. They occurred on the vernal equinox of the fourteenth year after the capture. They were so sensational that they are celebrated to this day as an eight day Seder and nine night Noruz festivals by millions of people on earth, none of whom know the reason why. The final release was announced in real time in Isaiah 65:17 For Behold, I create a new heavens and a new Earth and the former shall not be remembered nor come to mind. Truly, No scientist to this day is allowed to understand the events revealed for the first time in Miracle: The Creation of the Earth.

~ by Angiras on December 1, 2022.