No features on Earth are older than 6,000 years

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This book is the ultimate conclusion of the research of Immanuel Velikovsky who suggested in “Worlds in Collision” (1953) that Venus was born out of Jupiter because it is the most universal myth in ancient times, common in all cultures which claimed it caused “the entire earth to cry out.” The radiation from that impact (~ 4000 BC) is currently expanding outward from the solar system into the Milky Way galaxy, heating dust particles which are re-radiating a small amount of heat back toward the earth from all directions. Due to the currently accepted model of the solar system which is based on Carl Sagan’s disputing of Velikovsky’s ideas, ‘cosmologists,’ unaware of Velikovsky’s work, imagine that the radiation from that impact is the Cosmic Microwave Background from a ‘big bang,’ an explosion which supposedly created entire universe and led to the invention of dark matter and dark energy on which considerable expense has been wasted, namely the COBE, WMAP, and ESA Planck probes. The well established decline of the total energy between the WMAP and Planck surveys is proof that it is not from the big bang. In general, the failure to accept Velikovsky’s approach has set back planetary science for seventy years, evidenced by the current lack of understanding of all the planets in the solar system which are revealed in Miracles, which also explains the alignment of the CMBR with the ecliptic of the solar system and its dipole shape. A continuing fusion reaction left behind on the rapidly spinning Jupiter produced Pluto and its moons, Ultima Thule and all asteroids. The impacts of the larger ones disrupted the spin axes of Uranus and Neptune reported by Voyager II, and produced the rings of Saturn.

The Creation of the Earth
Studies of ancient texts, primarily Rigveda, Egyptian, Greek and the bible, reveal that an advanced culture, (the kingdom of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ never understood) which had lived on a planet in the solar system in an orbit similar to that of Venus today for millions of years, decided to abandon their planet because the intensity of the Sun’s radiation had become too powerful. That ‘kingdom’ knew of the Earth and had visited it many times and decided to preserve the complete life forms they had developed by transfering them to the Earth. In preparation for that transfer they (a) inverted the lithosphere of the Earth to create tectonic plates; (b) for 1,300 years melting the top layer of the mantle; (c) producing a liquid layer in which iron compounds became separated from silicon compounds by gravitation; (d) then created proto-Venus by impacting a ancient planet, Metis in Greek myth, on Jupiter then used a close pass of the blazing proto-Venus to the Earth which destroyed all ancient life on the earth (the K-T extinction, ~ 4000 BC) by covering the entire earth with a hot cloud of poisonous heavy elements such as iridium and then used proto-Venus’s excess orbital energy in a number of encounters to increase the eccentricity of their home planet from its interior orbit to an orbit which intersected that of the earth. This planet was then captured and released ninety-nine times in a geostationary orbit of the Earth with a periodicity of 30 years (the biblical creation period ~4000 to 687 BC) during which it covered the earth with a new hematite crust (evident as banded iron deposits), beautiful cross-pollinating vegetation, edible fruit trees, and added its entire ocean and atmosphere while contemporously creating all the granite mountain ranges on earth and moving the continents to their present positions. All animal life was transferred to earth fully developed. This period is referred to as the creation of the Earth in the bible, and corresponds to the creation based on the patriarchal dates. A failure to capture the planet in the forty-fourth cycle caused the flood of Noah, which did not destroy the vegetative life.

As the end-times approach the bible promises that this miraculous creation of the Earth would be revealed, Isaiah 29:13-14 and Habakkuk 1:5. “Miracle The Creation of the Earth” is the promised revelation, described in the second reference as “for I will work a work in your days which ye will not believe, though it be told you.”

The following all took place during the Creation Period:

30-year captures and releases of home planet: Indra (Rigveda), Horus (Egyptian), Zeus (Greek), Dagda (Irish)
Origin of all terrestrial planets in solar system
Origin of tectonic plates on Earth
Movement of the tectonic plates
Origin of all asteroids
Disruption of the outer planets
Origin of Saturn’s rings
Creation of the Atlantic Ocean
Cause of the Messinian salinity crisis
Origin of all pyramids, tels, and ziggurats on Earth
Bronze Age collapse
Breaching of the weald-Artois Anticline at the white cliffs of Dover
Location of the continents Continental Drift
Reason for all granite mountain ranges on Earth
Vajre or Thunderbolts from petroglyphs
Giant fossils in the Siwalik Hills
Deep gourges of the Indian Rivers
Existence of the Tethys Ocean
The scab lands of Harlen Bretz & Rhythmic deposits of the Touchet
The Westward revolving of the lithosphere relative to the mantle
Odd radio circles (ORC) imaged by radio telescopes
Vajre Thunderbolts

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