Velikovsky was Right

Immanuel Velikovsky’s book ‘Worlds in Collision’ triggered the subject of planetary science. Based on one of the best known myths of all ancient cultures he suggested that Venus was born out of Jupiter, therefore that Venus would be found to be hot and Jupiter would be radiating electromagnetic energy. When astronomers looked at these planets for the first time they found these predictions correct, but astronomers, particularly Harlow Shapely, then head of the Harvard Observatory, assigned a young PhD Carl Sagan to publicly challenge Velikovsky and discredit his ideas. Due the backing of conventional astronomers, Sagan’s claim that Venus was heated by a “runaway green house effect” became the accepted hypothesis for the heat of Venus and Jupiter is still considered a gas planet. These two concepts have obscured the most important elements of planetary science for seventy years. To this day ‘planetary scientists’ around the world have no idea how the terrestrial (rocky) planets formed, and continue to unsuccesfully model (computer programs) simulating the nebular hypothesis of Laplace from 1800, when Velikovsky’s research had already given the correct answer. The temperature of Venus is 840 degrees, which is hot enough to melt lead and zinc, impossibly high for a green house effect but in an attempt to prove the Sagan hypothesis, Pioneer Venus data on the atmosphere close to the surface has been interpreted to be carbon dioxide, whereas carbon sulfide, a high temperature compound which forms tiny red crystals as found from 31 to 48 km, has the same molecular weight.

The declining nuclear fusion reaction left behind on the surface of Jupiter is H + D => 3He++ + 4.9 MeV, the doubly charged products (1032/sec) produce a vortex known as the Great Red Spot, heat the planet and orbit above Jupiter at 500 km producing its magnetic field and spiral into the poles forming the constant auroral ovals but are currently imagined to be a reflecting inner radiation belt. They eventually collect an electron and have been producing a large cloud of stable isotopes (3He+) which have formed a ring around the solar system as a disc. This same process has been taking place around all solar systems which have one or more planets in the entire universe and have been mistaken for dark matter producing gravitational lensing but they are conventional matter which provide optical lensing produced by conventional matter. These clouds attenuate and red shift light which passes through an infinite variety of such paths on the way to the Earth, therefore the there is no Hubble constant, only Tired Light, the source of Olbers Paradox.

The realization that terrestrial planets are created by impacts on the giant planets means that the giants must comprise all of the elements, therefore the giant planets must form along with the star itself while in the large dark nebulae full of dust. Moreover, the fact that Jupiter is still hot 6,000 years after the impact which created Venus implies that it began an ongoing fusion which continues to this day, implying it and all giant planets are highly deuterated. In recent years radio astronomers have become aware of high deuterium fractionation in outlying regions of prestellar systems, particularly those containing methane. This suggests that the giant planets comprise highly deuterated methane gas hydrate, nominally (CH4)4(H2O)23, a clathrate in which twelve or more water molecules form cages providing the means to include all foreign elements. The high concentration of deutrium in the atmosphere of Venus is the first indication of this since the present Juno mission does not have a spectrometer due to the design assumption that the planet is all hydrogen and helium.

No Big Bang

The radiation from the impact that produced Venus (4000 BC) is currently expanding in all directions from the Earth and heating dust particles in the Milky Way galaxywhich are re-radiating energy in all direction and the small amount radiating back toward the Earth is imagined to be the cosmic microwave background. Again, Velikovsky had already explained this radiation in 1950.


The current emphasis on evolution in academia implies a belief that mankind evolved from more primitive hominids. However the creation of the earth which occurred between ~3687 and 687 BC when an interior planet in the solar system formerly inhabited by an advanced culture was sheparded to an orbit intersecting that of the earth by a blazing Venus born by the impact of an ancient planet Metis on Jupiter. This small planet became captured in a geostationary orbit of the earth above the Himalayas for periods of 14.4 years and then escaped into a recovery orbit for 15.6 years, (periods determined by Velikovsky betwen Raash) a process which was repeated ninety-nine times. During each capture period the lithosphere of the earth was tidally dragged by the planet and forced to rotate with the Himalayas in or near the ecliptic plane. This slowed the rotation of the lithosphere which rotated at an angle of 31 degrees relative to the equator and absorbed the excess orbital energy of the planet in a way that it could be recovered at each release. Remnant motion of these events are still being measured by oceanic hot spots (Carlo Doglioni) and coal deposits along the same path by Alfred Wegener associates in the Tertiary era. During the captures the present Earth crust, vegetation, soil, and hematite and 150 meters of ocean were blasted to the earth when the rotating pair passed through alignments with the Moon, the Sun and Moon and Venus. During the creation period the advanced culture produced Homo Sapiens Sapiens probably by modifying the DNA of surviving Hominids around the world, which did not evolve from ancient animals.

Calendars from opposite ends of the world reveal the reality of these events. The Aztec calendar has a circle with 360 days and five ‘bad days’ which were added during the release periods and the ancient Egyptian calendar has a number of equal ‘months’ with five days at the end of the year. The amazing releases occurred when the ocean surrounding the northern island on the planet facing the earth rose above the island, entered the central volcanic vent and produced a pyroclastic explosion in the interior which ejected the solid iron core, Hathor (Egypt), Hermes (Greek), Sarameya (Rigveda), Mercury (Roman) which zoomed around the Earth to the East and was given a slingshot back to the west and caught up to the gaping shell in eight days while the entire population of the Earth watched. This event is still celebrated to this day as the Passover Seder and the nine nights of the Noruz in eastern cultures.

These cosmic events suggest the influence of intelligent design but at a physical level.

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