Cyclic Catastrophism Created the Earth

Banded Iron Deposits
Banded Iron Deposits found around the world are direct evidence of cyclic deposits of hematite from Aten. (CC BY-2.0)

The creation of the Earth began after the K-T extinction by a close pass of the newly created, blazing Venus which scorched the Sahara, glazed the surface of the middle East to sand and covered the Earth with a poisonous layer of heavy elements including iridium and sulfur. This K-T extinction not only killed off the dinosaurs but also all hominid species in order that the Homo Sapiens Sapiens genetic pool, which had not yet been created would not be contaminated. Venus then spent a few hundred years sheparding the former home planet of the kingdom of God (Aten, the name given it by Pharaoh Akhenaten) to an orbit that intersected that of the Earth. From this orbit the Aten became captured for 14.4 years and released for 15.6 years ninety-nine times. Immanuel Velikovsky noted the captures and releases as “raash” in historical Jewish documents but never understood what the “raash” were or why the time intervals differed. They were world wide earthquakes at every tectonic plate boundary caused when the lithosphere moved to a different position relative to the ellipsoidal mantle.

The captures of a planet sized object are considered impossible in modern astrophysics but these were accomplished by the planet establishing a tidal link to the Himalayas, thereby dragging the entire lithosphere of the Earth in the ecliptic plane at 31 degrees relative to the equator and slowing its rotation by 24 kilometers/hour relative to the mantle below. A slight residual momentum of this motion is being noted in modern times but remains unexplained.

This slowing caused the days per year to be 360 during the capture periods and 365 when the planet was released. These two days-per-year are represented in the Aztec calendar obviously passed down from the Mayans. During the capture periods the 360 days were represented as the degrees around the circle, but during the release periods the five ‘bad days,’ represented by four rectangles and a circle at the center, were added at the end of the year.

The prehistoric Egyptian calendar was similar but is not understood by modern-day Egyptologists. The 360-day years were divided up into months of equal durations, but five days are added at the end of the year, serving the same purpose as the ‘bad days’ in the Aztec calendar. The Akhet, or inundations, also known as Tekhi-Horus periods, were not the yearly increases in the Nile flow, but referred to the tidal effect of the Aten (Horus) on the eastern horizon, toward which the Sphinx (Horus am-Akhet, Horus on the horizon) faced which emptied the Mediterranean and Red Sea but drew a portion of the Nile water and silt across eastern Egypt and into the Pelusiac branch of the delta where ancient pi-Ramesses, with a population of 300,000 was well established. During the escape periods, known as the teth-Hathor in the ancient calendar, the Mediterranean and Red Seas returned.

During each capture period, soil, ocean water, atmosphere and hematite blueberries were blasted to the Earth over five hundred times, due to alignments of Aten with the Moon or the Moon and Sun combined, covering the entire Earth including the oceans. Then during the release periods deposits of deceased marine life were emplaced between the iron layers. The banded iron deposits are records of these two periods which took place every thirty years shown in the figure above, the pure hematite in which is now the primary source of iron in the modern world. The bands have been traced across the earth over hundreds of kilometers. This shows the profound intelligence behind the immensely difficult cyclic captures and releases which allowed Aten vegetation and geology to recover so that the same processes which transferred life to the Earth would take place during each capture and just as an added benefit, were also instrumental in the production of magnificent granite mountains, unique to the Earth.

‘Scientists’ studying exoplanets will never come to understand the unique planet Earth accomplished by the very powers currently forbidden to even mention.

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