Cyclic Catastrophism, the Source of all Granite

Granite less than 6000 years old
Granite less than 6000 years old

/A planet some 0.2 X the mass of the Earth was captured and released ninety-nine times in a geostationary orbit of the above the Himalayas. It dragged the Himalaya, thus the entire lithosphere, into its orbital plane for 14.4 years. This slowed the motion of the lithosphere and caused it to move at angle of 30 degrees relative to the mantle, forcing continuous contact with it. The top layer of the mantle had been melted by earlier encounters and was (is) liquid. This allowed the silicate compounds in the mantle to rise and the iron rich elements to settle. Thus when the planet was captured the silicate material came in contact and intruded into the lithosphere. Each time the planet was released in order that its vegetation and geology could recover, the lithosphere resumed its rotation with the mantle and cooled for 15.6 years and the silicates crystallized. This cycle was repeated ninety-nine times and a new layer was added to each crystal all across the world.

This creation period ended in 687 BC, when the last water on the planet used to carry soil, atmosphere, water and vegetation to the Earth comprising sedimentary rock was exhausted, but the last layers of granite continue to crystallize, raising the magnificent mountains we love so much causing entire continents to float higher.

The power and wisdom behind these ninety-nine 30-year events between 3685 and 687 BC leaves no doubt that a higher wisdom and power created the earth we have today, far beyond that of mankind who date the formation of granite at hundreds of millions of years, yet universities dismiss anyone who professes a belief in intelligent design.

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