The Origin of Saturn’s Rings

As if in response to the explanation of Saturn’s rings in my new book Miracle: The Creation of the Earth, a bevy of establishment scientists have just published a view on the subject in Science Magazine titled: “The loss of a satellite could explain Saturn’s obliquity and young rings.” The paper claims that a Saturn moon may have crashed into the (gaseous?) planet over 100 million years ago producing the “young rings.” A long summary of the paper in Science magazine is available? (link below).

This is contrasted with the estimate in “Miracle” of 6000 BC, which claims that the rings of Saturn and the notable damage to Uranus and Neptune were the result of the impacts of many “Juno asteroids” which could be seen being blasted from Jupiter by the naked eye from the Earth in the aftermath of the impact on Jupiter from which the (incomplete) proto-Venus was created. The remaining nuclear reaction on Jupiter (P + D => 3He++ +4.9 MeV) has declined in the last 6,000 years but is still burning, producing the Great Red Spot and other significant cosmological material.

Article Summary:

~ by Angiras on September 16, 2022.