The Spectacular Escapes

The Aten became captured in a geostationary orbit 36,000 kilometers above the Himalayas ninety-nine times (every thirty years) for about 14.4 years but because the many explosive events that blasted its soil, atmosphere, water and vegetation to the Earth took a great toll on the planet it had to be released into an orbit of the Sun for an approximately equal interval (~15.6 years) in order to recover. Since the Aten’s tidal bond to the lithosphere of the Earth was so strong an escape seems impossible, but the greater wisdom of the kingdom of God was described in the ancient texts of all cultures. A perfectly scheduled alignment of the Moon, Venus and the Sun with the Aten on the Spring Equinox of the 14th year caused the hollow lava column centered at the north pole of Aten on the northern island to collapse exposing the expanded north pole volcanic vent and the indirect tidal effect of the aligned bodies simultaneously raised the northern ocean above the island and it flowed down into the north-pole vent. This created a pyroclastic explosion in the interior, the pressure of which forced the solid iron core of Aten to exit the planet through a linear fault on the equator (visible in images today). This new body, called Hathor (Egyptian), Hermes (Greek) and Mercury (Roman) fell to the east and passed close to the Earth in a slingshot maneuver sending it to the west while the outer shell of Aten with a blazing open gap also drifted to the West. The blazing material from the open gap in Aten was spread to the north and south by the magnetic field of the Earth resembling wings, therefore was called “the angel of God” in Exodus 14:19, the “Winged Bull” in Assyria, and the wings were called the “Golden Fleece” in Greek myth.

During the creation period 3687 to 687 BC, the entire growing population of the world watched for eight days, or nine nights, as the sun-like solid core raced to catch up and re-enter the “winged” Aten. In remembrance of this event the entire world to this day unknowingly celebrate these same spectacular events of a ‘new year’, the Jewish as the Passover festival (Pesach) and Nowruz (Iran), Navaratri (Hindu). These cycles occurred before all (warring) religions were formed in the world and therefore they are our common heritage, if only this could be understood.

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