Miracle: The Creation of the Earth

/This book explains the origin of the solar system, the makeup of each planet, the differences between the giant and the terrestrial planets and the recent creation of proto-Venus (not fully formed Venus) from an explosive impact of an ancient planet (Metis in Greek myth) on Jupiter as recently as 4000 BC currently believed to be the CMB. After the successful deployment of the probes by the Pioneer Venus probe, the failure to find the assumed carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 50 km down to the surface despite the locating of the lower cloud layers measured by the three free-falling probes, investigators claimed to that the intake valves were clogged by droplets of sulfuric acid and when the CO2 channel started to give a signal close to the surface, jumped to the conclusion that the valve had become unclogged and that carbon dioxide was indeed present all the way to the surface, failing to identify it as the high temperature compound Carbon Sulfide (44.066) with a similar molecular weight as Carbon Dioxide (44.009) the crystallized form of which accounted for the red haze from 31 kilometers up to the lower cloud layer at 48 kilometers. Unfortunately the data cannot now be reviewed because the counts in all channels transmitted to the Earth were expressed relative to the carbon dioxide channel counts, reflecting the assumption that carbon dioxide was present throughout the atmosphere. To this day the atmosphere of Venus is published as carbon dioxide in spite of the evidence that none is present below 50 kilometers.

~ by Angiras on September 5, 2022.

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