Jupiter and Venus Papers

Jupiter helion belts exiting through the Great Red Spot

After 30 years of sending probes to these planets, ‘scientists’ have not learned a thing. Not because the data is bad but because it is interpreted incorrectly.  In fact, there is now sufficient information to understand both planets completely. For anyone interested this information is available here free of charge, not for more billions of dollars needed for more probes that will take another decade, and still not be correctly interpreted.

It is truly a shame that thousands of intelligent curious men and women enter PhD courses in astrophysics and planetary science and end up in university departments resembling corporations where the department heads dictate their lives for twenty more years and tell them what they are allowed to think about and what they allowed to say. No original ideas are allowed. The planets are all the same age. Giant planets are hydrogen and helium, and all have been in their current orbits for 4.6 billion years. This is consensus science, a waste of a lifetime.

The recent history of the solar system is more exciting than the best science fiction writer has ever dreamed. The orbits and surface features of Mars, Venus, Mercury even Jupiter do not even resemble those 6,000 years ago. I’m writing that book now. Considerable basic information is present in my last book, the first to reveal the meaning of the oldest book in the world, written by people who watched the same planets in the heavens close above the Earth and praised them as gods, “The Cosmic Origin of the Rig Veda”  The title is a little scary but there is no foreign language, no equations, just new applications of well defined concepts.

Papers on Jupiter and Venus, (no equations)

Jupiter   http://www.firmament-chaos.com/jupiterpaper.pdf

Venus    http://www.firmament-chaos.com/papers/Venus-Paper-2018.pdf

~ by Angiras on October 3, 2020.

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