The Cosmic Origin of the RgVeda

The RgVeda, correctly interpreted, describes cosmic encounters which destroyed the serpentine, dinosaur-dominated Earth then rained down a new crust filled with modern life forms from Mars to terraform the Earth in a short 3,000 years while our forebears looked on in wonder. Venus (as Agni) destroyed the dinosaur world, The life-forms we accept, including all mammals, flowering plants and fruit trees were transferred from Mars (Indra), and the 30-year cyclic repetitions of the encounters were made possible by eight day appearances of Mercury (Sarama), thus the Passover celebration of eight days. The cosmic events were far more powerful than any imagined by modern geologists, planetary scientists or even science fiction writers.

Modern science has been completely fooled by the present quiescent state of the solar system, leading to the unproven, indeed unproveable illusion that nothing has changed for  billions of years. The truth is that nothing visible in the solar system today is older than 6,000 years. All features on the surface of Mars are the detritus of 3,000 years of convulsions completed only 2,600-years BP. Mercury, Venus, the asteroid belt, and the Galilean moons were not present 6,000 years ago.  Astronomers teach condescendingly that clear evidence of water flowing on Mars is billions of years old. They fail to comprehend that these features would all have been obliterated by meteorite impacts in even one million years.

Below is the Table of Contents of “The Cosmic Origin of the RgVeda” by John Ackerman, which explains, for the first time in the history of the world, the meaning of the RgVeda. Including 42 Figures. The book has been offered to Penguin Random House India, which responded with an automated message that the ‘review’ will require six months from the Sept.7, 2018 submission date. The world has been waiting 2,705 years since the end of the Vedic Period, so a few more months does not seem such a long time. I will probably self-publish rather than waiting til then.

The Cosmic Origin of the RgVeda
© John Ackerman
Sept. 7, 2018


1 Aditi & Agni
The Birth of Aditi
Sons of Aditi
Conflicts of Agni and Indra

2 The Minor Adityas
Ashvins and Ushas

3 Varuna
Varuna, King of Rta
Many Eyed

4 Indra
Indra – an Ugly Child
Indra’s Planetary Orbit
The Capture of Indra
Effects of the Earth on Mars
Sura versus Asura
The World Egg
Circum-Polar Stars
The Vedic Calendar
The Seven Holy Rishis
Agni’s Transfer to Indra
Indra’s Convulsions
Indra Releasing the Waters
The Maruts
The Bones of Dadhyanc
Indra’s Bow
Fear and Cynicism

5 Soma

6 Samudra-Apas
Aryan Seafarers
Messinian Salinity Crisis
Siwalik Deposits
Origin of Himalayan Rivers
The Apas and Purisha

7 Prajapati – Agni – Brahmā
The World Egg
The Four Heads of Brahmā
Seven Holy Rishis
Prajapati’s Sacrifices
Purusha Suktam
The Origin of the Varnas?
The Shamans Upside-Down Tree
Purusha and Viraj
The Navel in Myth
A Day and Night of Brahmā
Purusha – Heaven Supporting Pillar
Length Of Kalpas

8 Siva
The Face of Siva

9 Vishnu
The Avataras of Vishnu
Churning of the Sea of Milk
Vishnu’s Three Great Strides
Dissolutions of the Universe

10 Saramā
The Cosmic View
Saramā’s Origin
The Paņis
Confirmation in Greek Myth
Saramᾱ’s Fate
The End of Brahma’s Life

11 Geological Evidence
Deccan Traps
Global Orogony
Subduction of Oceanic Plates
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
No Ice Ages
Geomagnetic Field

Appendix A. The Surya Siddhanta

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