Jupiter’s Atmospheric Bulge!

Fig. 1. New Juno image from the South pole shows atmospheric bulge on limb.

Juno has produced an amazing photo of Jupiter, which displays a raised belt of dust that surrounds the middle latitudes. This confirms the Cyclic Catastrophism hypothesis that the atmosphere comprises heavy-element particulate aerosols (dust) continuously being released from the Methane Gas Hydrate surface by a fusion reaction at 22° S Latitude ~50,000 km east of the GRS. The particles exit through the GRS, producing the unexpected high temperature and density of the upper atmosphere, but settle to the surface as fast as they are produced and have been accumulating on the MGH surface for many years thereby producing tesseral (E-W) gravity anomalies currently interpreted as ‘flows’ in the ‘interior’. The image reveals the thin but noticeable equatorial bulge on the limb, which is a different color than the rest of the planet.

The dust belt only extends to about 70° S Latitude. Poleward of this limit, the blue southern ocean is visible, due to the melting of the Methane Gas Hydrate surface layer by the energy of the 5 MeV helion torus which produces the far UV helion Lyman forest auroral oval.

Doth not wisdom cry and understanding put forth her voice?

~ by Angiras on October 6, 2018.

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