Unidentified Radiation from Jupiter

Fig. 1. Fusion reaction flowing to GRS. Reflected energy from NEB.

As explained in previous posts and my latest paper on Jupiter, a powerful fusion reaction on the surface of Jupiter, just below the clouds 50,000 km east of the Great Red Spot, is responsible for all the observed features on the giant planet. The decline in the radiation, which has lasted 6,000 years, is evident in the observable shrinking of the Great Red Spot. The reaction is currently producing an energy equal to the amount of sunlight illuminating Jupiter but the source of this “excess luminescence” remains a mystery to the entire astronomical community.

This should not be the case, since Jupiter is radiating a spectrum never before observed. The reaction, D + P ->  3He++ + 4.98MeV, is currently producing 1030 Helions per second. In laboratory experiments the 3He++ immediately capture one electron becoming 3He+, which is a stable ion often used radioastronomical studies of Large Dark Nebulae as extremely low signals called ‘spin flips’, transitions between ground states. This radiation has never been observed from a single source, only as tiny peaks at wavelengths of 3.46 cm collected over long integration times.

Fig. 2 Jupiter’s UV auroral Ovals and Galilean Satellite footprints

Fig. 3 Helion streams which produce Jupiter’s magnetic field. Blue are the vortical streams deflected to the poles.

The radiation from the electron capture by  3He++  particles has never been observed in laboratory reactions because these particles immediately capture an electrom, resulting in stable 3He+ particles leading to the common incorrect notation  D + P ->  3He+ + γ.  However, because of the massive numbers of these particles being produced on Jupiter and beamed by the strong Coriolis effect on Jupiter, only the outer particles in the vortices reentering the atmosphere at the poles capture electrons forming the far UV radiation at the auroral ovals and some are captured in the fluxtubes of the Galilean moons forming their ‘footprints’. However, the same radiation is coming from larger numbers of 3He++ particles in the primary (yellow) beam, currently known as the inner radiation belt, when they escape into the surrounding space where Jupiter’s electron belts dominate and emit the same spectrum from a diffuse space surrounding Jupiter.

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