Tsunamis not Megadroughts Caused Collapse of Early Middle East Agriculture

“Megadrought and Collapse From Early Agriculture to Angkor”, Edited by Harvey Weiss, from Oxford University Press, opines that severe drought caused the collapse of civilizations throughout the Levant in three chapters:

2. 6600-6000 cal BP Abrupt Climate Change and Neolithic Dispersal from West Asia,by Bernard Weninger and Lee Clare
3. 4.2 ka BP Megadrought and the Akkadian Collapse, by Harvey Weiss
4. 3.2 ka BP Megadrought and the Late Bronze Age Collapse, by Daniel Kaniewski and Elise Van Campo

Clues to the actual cause of these collapses is quite evident. They are present in the forms of pyramids, tells and ziggurats throughout these areas. These massive structures, each requiring millions of man-hours, were not constructed so that the people could get ‘closer to the gods’, as currently assumed by ‘scholars’. They acted as earthquake safe ‘lifeboats’ constructed so that thousands of people would not be carried far from their homelands by floods every fifteen years.

These floods did not rise up from an accumulation of water, they were sudden, massive and forceful flows, as evidenced by the great mass, height and stable shapes of the structures. The Egyptians initially tried building large ships to survive the floods, a few were discovered by archaeologists anchored by huge rocks in the desert at Abydos, but they found that the ships were carried across the Red Sea and stranded when the waters continued eastward leaving the Mediterranean and Red Seas as empty wildernesses and the ships high and dry. They then constructed the great pyramids to provide refuges from the floods.

The floods alternated from west to east since Mars was captured in a geostationary orbit 35,000 km above the Himalayas for 14.4 years and then released for 15.6 years, ninety-nine times between 3687 and 687 BC. At each capture its tidal drag slowed the rotation of the entire lithosphere by 24 km/hr relative to the asthenosphere (mantle) resulting in years of only 360 days in all ancient cultures. This sudden slowing of the lithosphere caused powerful eastward flows from the eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean and Red Seas across the entire Eurasian continent, forming a tidal bulge 5,000 m high surrounding the Himalayas called the samudra, a confluence of waters, which came from all directions in the Rig Veda. The eastward flows also flooded western Africa and remained trapped by the elevation along the coast, causing the poor agricultural yields there to this day.

The tidal effect of Mars’ capture emptied the Mediterranean and Red Seas for 14.4-years (see Messinean Salinity Crisis). Each time Mars was released, the water flowed back it its normal levels creating slightly weaker westward flow. The Exodus of the Jews from Egypt occurred at an escape of Mars from this orbit, thus the Red Sea was first described as the wilderness. After the Jews crossed, the westward return flow, refilled the Red Sea as the Egyptian army pursued them. 

Marine Flooding Caused Collapse of Agriculture in the Middle East and later in Mediterranean

The sudden floods were global tsunamis that lasted a day causing the most damage along the Eastern Mediterranean coast, even in the caves high in Carmel, thought to be safe. During the 3,000-year period of Mars captures and releases sea level rose about 150 meters increasing the 30-year flood damage that caused the collapse of agriculture in the Middle East.  This same east and west flooding left mixed fossil clues across the entire Eurasian continent now thought to be evidence of ancient Tethys, and Paratethys Oceans, imagined to have separated ancient supercontinents, Rodina and Laurasia.

The enormous effects of a planet, the mass of Mars plus Mercury, 35,000 km above the Himalaya, tidally linked to the lithosphere, created the plutons which shaped the continents and their locations between 3687 and 687 BC – events currently thought to have happened in the Archaean age 2.5 and 3.8 billion years BP.

A similar article “Why Did the Mayan Civilization Collapse? ” by By Joseph Stromberg on Smithsonian.com, comes to the same conclusion as the book cited above. The same cosmic events account for this collapse. The indirect tidal force of Mars caused flows toward the antipode of Mt. Kailas in the south Pacific (31° S Lat., 99° W Lon.), causing Carribean Sea waters to flow across central America, as evidenced by the many pyramids constructed by the Mayan culture.

Though this Word is true evermore, yet men are as unable to understand it when they hear it for the first time as before they have heard it at all. For, though all things come to pass in accordance with this Word, men seem as if they had no experience of them, when they make trial of words and deeds such as I set forth, dividing each thing according to its kind and showing how it is what it is. But other men know not what they are doing when awake, even as they forget what they do in sleep.          Heraclitus

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