Mars – The Circumpunct

Fig. 1. The circumpunct symbol.

The circumpunct is perhaps the oldest symbol in history, recently brought to the attention of millions of readers by ‘the Lost Symbol’  a book by Dan Brown, which incidentally is never explained in the book. Unfortunately, most readers seek entertainment rather than knowledge. The true meaning of the circumpunct is explained on this blog site, and with it the miraculous resurfacing of the Earth and the origin of the solar system. This is the story which every person on the Earth should read.

Some claim it represents the Sun at the center of the solar system. Others claim it is the symbol for Ra in Egyptian myth, thought to represent the Sun. As explained in many posts on this site, the oldest symbols in the history of mankind stem from the convergence of three worlds focused on the Earth, which, as a result, is a new, unique oasis in the universe. These hundreds of cosmic events close above the Earth, were recorded in the mythologies of all ancient cultures and the Bible, because every person on Earth witnessed them. As prophesied in 2 Peter 3:3-7. they are deliberately ignored by all academic institutions, resulting in the current reign of ignorance which dominates the world.

Fig. 2. Mars as it appeared in the heavens, between 3687 and 687 BC. Sediments of the Oceanis Bolealis surround the northern island.

It is impossible to review here the entire sequence of cosmic events detailed in more than two hundred posts on this site, so I will address the circumpunct symbol. About 3700 BC a number of cosmic events, including the creation of proto-Venus by an enormous fusion-enhanced impact on Jupiter, ejected Mars, which was full of life like ours today, from an interior orbit in such a way that it became captured in a geostationary orbit of the Earth above Mt. Kailas, known in the Rig Veda as ‘Indra’s Home on Earth’, in the Trans-Himalayas, at a distance of only 44,400 km. The mass anomalies on both planets, the Himalayas and Tharsis Bulge, forced their lithospheres to revolve independently of their interiors, with Mt. Kailas remaining in the ecliptic plane. Due to the distended Tharsis Bulge on its equator, the lithosphere of Mars became oriented with its spin axis, its north pole, oriented toward the Earth. Consequently, the tidal effect of the Earth caused all the water in Mars’ northern hemisphere to flow north forming a northern ocean. More slowly, the same effect decreased the surface pressure, melting the subsurface rock at the north pole, seen as the ‘world egg’ glowing within the ocean, which expanded until it formed an island at Mars’ north pole, called the ‘risen land’, the Egyptian duat, the firmament (Biblical rāqîa), Olympus and Atlantis. Mars was Indra also Rudra in the Rig Veda, Ra and Horus in Egyptian myth and Argo, covered with stars, in Greek myth. The cyclic captures (14;4-years) and releases (15.6-years) of Mars were repeated ninety-nine times, ending in 687 BC.

During each geostationary encounter with the Earth Mars remained stationary in the heavens day and night, 3,240 times the area of the full Moon, rotating like an enormous wheel, mill (Hamlet’s Mill) or churn, reflecting sunlight and passing through phases like the Moon every day.  When it passed through alignments with the Moon or the Sun and Moon combined, convulsions within it blasted water, soil, sprouts as manna, (Soma in the Rig Veda) and iron meteorites from hundreds of volcanoes in the northern hemisphere. This continued for 3,000 years, until  687 BC. At which date Venus, Mars and Mercury, Mars’ former solid core, entered their  present orbits. By this process, the Earth was covered with >50 km of wet soil and sea level increased by 150 meters, covering all the continental shelves and completely erasing the previous reptilian life forms dominated by dinosaurs.

All data sent from Mars probes is insistently interpreted as billions of years old by ‘evolutionist’ academics, but they cannot hide the vast flow of water caused by the tidal effect (outflow channels) of the Earth, the northern ocean (Oceanus Borealis), and the island at the north pole (Figure 2.). The many ancient texts which contain the circumpunct symbol prove that Mars was worshiped or feared by every culture on Earth for 3,000 years – a longer period than the present one in which we live.

The re-creation of the Earth did not take place millions of years ago, it was concurrent with the Biblical period, meaning that the creations enumerated in Genesis took place less than 6,000 years ago. The planets, Mars, Venus and Mercury were merely the physical means used to accomplish this – the greatest of God’s miracles.

Posts on the various aspects of cyclic catastrophism and the dates of each post to establish provenance, can be narrowed down by entering the subject of interest in the SEARCH box at the upper right. An added benefit of interpreting the ancient myths has revealed the true ages and composition of all the planets and the cosmogony of the solar system. Most of the more recent posts also contain links to existing posts for clarification.

Genesis 1:29-30 KJV
29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so.





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