Cyclic Catastrophism vs Big Bang (Updated)

Fig. 1 CMB ‘temperature anisotropies’ showing the concentration of hotter area just below the ecliptic (white line) due to the Jupiter plume, discussed below.

Big Bang advocates act as if their pet theory of the creation of the universe is proven. Do not be deceived by the genius bravado in popular, scientific publications or even the Nobel prize.  Cyclic Catastrophism provides an easily understandable explanation of the cosmic microwave background or cmb (small letters are appropriate), which explains the creation of our solar system, not of the universe.


Cmb in a nutshell

Fig. 2 Angular power spectrum of Plank CMB map

The CMB data, collected by two precise satellites, of the microwave radiation imagined to be from 380,000-years after the big bang, over the entire sky, is shown in Figure 1. The tiny splotches across the entire sky were then measured and their diameters and amplitudes were plotted as a ‘power spectrum’ shown in Figure 2. Boasting of a knowledge of physics at that time, the resulting hills and valleys in Fig. 2 were then magically interpreted as physical properties of the entire universe –  its age, ‘shape’, composition – even the amounts of (undefined) dark matter at its inception.

The big bang hypothesis predicts that all hydrogen, deuterium and helium in the universe was created within a few minutes after the big bang, but after searching for the last twenty years, astronomers have failed to observe these quantities. It also claims that no hydrogen, deuterium or helium has been created or destroyed since that time (premises refuted in the latest CC papers on Jupiter where 3He is being created and on Venus where deuterium was created 6,000 years BP).

In order to explain the cmb microwave radiation being received on Earth from all directions, an impossible sudden inflation of the universe has been proposed which occurred between 10−36 and 10−33 seconds after the big bang, but this is pure speculation with no physical basis. Another serious problem with the cmb, which hypothetically originated 14 billion years ago, are the three ways it is aligned with our solar system, dubbed “the axis of evil” by skeptics.  As discussed previously, the probabilities that all of the alignments with the solar system could occur is estimated at 0.008% !

Perhaps the most damming attribute of the measured cmb has resulted from the European Planck satellite survey, intended to provide more accurate data than the decade old WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Survey). The Planck survey confirmed all the questionable alignments with the solar system, BUT the power of all the Plank measurements was 2% less than those of WMAP, a fact confirmed only after exhaustive analysis. As a result of this finding, an even more exhaustive study, the final analysis includes a simply stated condemnation of the cmb on page 11 of which was “This indicates that the two experiments [WMAP and Planck] infer significantly different sets of \lcdm\ parameters.” where lcdm is Lambda Cold Dark Matter, the name for the hypothesis on which the parameters of the early universe are interpreted from the power spectrum. This condemnation of the cmg is based on the fact that the anisotropies measured by WMAP and Planck are completely different, i.e. have significantly changed in the ten years between the two missions, which is impossible since a one-degree sized anisotropy in a true cmg would be hundreds of light-years in diameter.

Cyclic Catastrophism

Based on the myths of a number of cultures, the CC scenario posits that Jupiter and Saturn are solid, highly deuterated methane gas hydrate bodies, with the full abundances of the known solar system elements, formed in cold Large Dark Nebulae (e.g. LDN1689). The power of impacts on Jupiter were exponentially increased by the uniform concentration of deuterium and as a result, produced the terrestrial planets. As explained in a previous post and a detailed paper, proto-Venus was created by such an impact only 6,000 years ago.

Fig. 3 Jupiter plume (Juno) extending from 22 degrees South Latitude

This impact also initiated a steady-state fusion reaction on the surface of Jupiter, resulting in a wide plume of flaming radioactive plasma originally extending into space two million km from the impact site at 22o South latitude. This slowly declining plume was visible from Earth for more than five thousand years as shown in Figure 3. It was imagined to be Zeus’ aegis, a divine shield, because it rotated from west to east disappearing twice in each rotation due to Jupiter’s rapid rotation every eight or nine hours. Aegis, literally means a ‘violent windstorm’, indicating that the ancient peoples understood the true physical nature of the plasma plume. In Roman myth, the expansion of Jupiter’s incandescent atmosphere was interpreted as his drawing a ‘veil of clouds’ around himself to hide his mischief, but Juno, his wife, was able to peer through the clouds to reveal his suspected misadventures. This obviously referred to the plume.
The longevity of the plume, present today as the Great Red Spot (GRS). confirms the great enhancement of D/H in the giant planets of our solar system. The important point is that the plume blazed into the solar system from Jupiter at the current latitude of the Great Red Spot (22 degrees South Lat.), for approximately 540 orbits in the last 6,000 years.

Fig. 4. Estimated history of Jupiter plume. Note the plume blast is directed below the ecliptic plane, defined by the orbits of Jupiter’s moons.

Figure 4. gives an estimate of the slow decline of the hot fusion plume relative to the orbits of the Galilean moons. More recent corroboration is provided by Figure 5, which is an illustration from a 9th century AD Arabic epistle describing comets in terms of their resemblances to the planets at that date. Script within the upper left drawing “one with a forelock”, to its right “Long Bearded”, and to its left “With the temperament of Jupiter”. At the date of the drawing the plume still extended beyond Io, explaining its current high temperature.


Fig. 5 A 9th century AD drawing of the planets, with Jupiter and plume at upper left. (courtesy of Princeton University Library)

Telescopic observations of the transits of the GRS made since 1910 are plotted in Figure 6. This well-known plot is currently interpreted as a record of the GRS westward longitudinal drift, assuming Jupiter rotated at its current rate, determined in 1964. In the context of the Cyclic Catastrophism scenario, a more powerful series of fusion reactions were producing the plume up to 1935, sufficiently powerful to eject mass directly into space. Therefore, the transits of the GRS up to that date were a measure of the monotonic slowing of the rotation of Jupiter. In 1935 the fusion reaction diminished to the present one, so the resulting increase in rotation rate was due to the settling of the atmosphere and the resulting eastward movement of the GRS due to the decreasing path from the surface to the cloud-tops. In recent years the GRS has remained close to the known rotation rate, determined by the fluctuations in Jupiters magnetic field.

Despite the powerful impact explosion from which proto-Venus was created, the energy from the plume is the most significant factor in the cmg anisotropy analysis because of its 6,000-year extent and its recent occurrence. The ‘axis of evil’ quadropole and octapole vectors show more power (heat) just below the ecliptic plane, exactly the region into which the plume was blasting for the last 6,000 years (See Figures 1, 3 and 4). Rather than providing evidence of the big bang, the WMAP and Planck data provide clear proof of the Cyclic Catastrophism scenario. In addition, the the decline and recent cessation of Jupiter’s plume guarantees that the measured anisotropies will change shape and decrease in power even more rapidly in the near future. A fact that will be emphasized by increasing changes in future surveys.

Figure 6.  Record of Jupiter’s Slowing Rotation due to continuous mass ejections below the ecliptic plane.

The solutions of the great questions of mankind lie not in general relativity. Rather they are in a form easily accessible in your local library, in the Mythology section. This knowledge has remained in every public library in the world for centuries because of mankind’s deep subconscious belief that it contains the truth about our ancient past. Contrary to popular belief, the CC scenario, gleaned from the myths of a number of cultures, complements the Judeo-Christian Bible, explaining the cosmic events through which the Lord intervened to reform the Earth as a unique place for Adam (mankind). The creation of proto-Venus provided the energy needed to destroy the dinosaurs, prepared the Earth and Mars and manipulated the orbits of all the terrestrial planets to resurface the Earth for mankind. This all took place during Biblical times, since 4000 BC.

In biblical times, the planets were worshiped as the deities Baal and Asteroth by the cultures neighboring the Jews, but the Lord Jehovah forbid the worship of these cosmic bodies, because he wanted Israel, his adopted people, to acknowledge His sovereignty. Jehovah did not change the Earth by ‘magic’. He used the kinetic energy of proto-Venus and the far deeper knowledge of His physical laws, which mankind has been allowed to glimpse as those of Newton and Maxwell, to manipulate the orbits of the planets so that the Earth, the oceans, atmosphere and the life-forms on it would be completely changed. All other religions which originated before 687 BC were based upon the worship of the planets or the features visible on their surfaces during that period.

Academia – The Antichrist

Evolutionist academia has resisted and condemned this belief in every discipline, substituting instead the uniformitarian ideas of Charles Lyell, Charles Darwin, Noam Chomsky and Carl Sagan, which claim the Earth is an insignificant ‘blue dot’ and that Homo Sapiens Sapiens descended from primates 100,000 years BP. But the inception of mankind was accomplished by providing the Word, a conceptual language, enabling the sudden explosion of great cultures in Bronze Age II. Consensus academicians claim knowledge of millions, even billions of years. Because of its blatant boasting, the highly publicized big bang hypothesis is the perfect example for proving the true world view.

1 Corinthians 1:27-30 (KJV)
But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty; And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are: That no flesh should glory in his presence.

1 Corinthians 3:18-19 Let no man deceive himself. If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.


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