Tohu – The Origin of Evil?

Cyclic Catastrophsm

What is currently called the K-T extinction, which eliminated the reptilian dinosaur life from the Earth, was caused by two pairs of overturnings – inversions of the rotation axis of the lithosphere, the thin outer shell of the Earth. These were caused by close passes of large cosmic bodies providing tidal impulses to the entire lithosphere via the Himalayas. The sudden inversions caused the oceans to flow rapidly across entire continents, carrying large boulders tumbling ahead like teeth of a giant monster, killing and breaking the bones of everything in their path and subsequently covering the continents with layer after layer of salty ocean bottom material. The interfaces between these layers are beginning to be recognized by S/P processing of seismic signals and are designated Mid Lithosphere Discontinuities (MLD), but remain unexplained.

The first pair of these inversions delineated the Younger Dryas stadial, marked by buried caches of broken bones of large extinct and extant animals (mammoths, sabre-toothed tigers) in dozens of locations around the world and entire forests sheared off as with an enormous scythe.

The second pair of inversions were caused by two close passes of the flaming, molten proto-Venus, newly born from a impact-induced fusion explosion on Jupiter. Gases from proto-Venus covered the Earth, producing the well known iridium spike (thin layer) found in hundreds of locations around the Earth. This spike was deposited only 6,000 years Before the Present (BP), but is dated by paleontologists at 66 million years using ubiquitous microscopic zircon crystals.

Immediately following the last overturning, proto-Venus sheparded the living planet Mars into an orbit which intersected that of the Earth and for the next 3,000 years the life resources of Mars were blasted to the Earth while one hundred generations of mankind looked on and passed their observations from generation to generation by memorizing the spoken word until forms of writing were developed. This resurfacing of the Earth with new life ended in 687 BC, at which date Isaiah prophecied the words of the Lord 65:17  For, behold, I have created new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind.

Tohu and Bohu

The chaotic cosmic encounters, catastrophic floods, and the resulting flat, featureless surface of the Earth preceding this resurfacing period are written “tohu and bohu” in Hebrew Genesis 1:2. One translation is “And the Earth “became void and without form.” but is often translated merely as “was void”, because these events are still not understood in historical terms. Based on “The Torah  A Modern Commentary”, by W. Gunther Plaut, this interpretation was created by modern scholars because they thought the purpose was to explain the order in which God created our world.  He suggests this should be interpreted “When God began to create, the Earth being unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep … “.


Of particular interest in the context of cyclic catastrophism, the Torah (“In the Beginning” by Adin Steinsaltz) also interprets “Tohu” as the chaos out of which “Tikun”, the restored Earth, was born. “The World of Tohu is also known as the realm of the broken vessels, from which evil comes. A world in which the ‘parts’ are too isolated and therefore unable to combine with anything outside themselves. There are too many Lights (“Orot”) and too few Vessels (“Kelim”). … Thus in the World of Tohu the Vessels shatter from an excess of Light which they are unable to contain. This resulted in the Vessels breaking into fragments which fell into the lower world. It is these fragments that fell into the World of Tikun, explained as the evil which characterizes mankind to this day”. This is clearly a metaphor for the volcanic blasting of the Martian soil, rare earth elements, atmosphere, oceans, flora and fauna to the Earth.

What modern Christians fail to realize is that the origins of Genesis in the Old Testament, just as in the Rg Veda, were passed down by speech, as a chanting or singing, for thousands of years.  As discussed many times in these epistles, speech or Vach was considered a deity in itself, given to mankind by Indra (Mars) in the Rg Veda. Just as the Rg Veda includes many details of how the world was changed by Mars, Venus and Mercury, the Chasidic Jews have passed the same ideas faithfully down through millennia through spoken discussions or contemplation, before the written word, not via a dead language like Sanskrit, but in Hebrew.

The Origin of Evil

The origin of Evil is much harder to explain. It lies primarily in the denial of God’s grace, even his existence. The number of men and women currently dedicated to this endeavor is incalculable. The hotbed is in academia where evolution and paleontology are the most problematic. Entire departments of religious study are atheists. Even though the evolution of mankind from lower forms has recently been disproved by the better methods of genomics, academia seems not to have noticed. As explained many times on this site, the creations of God given in Genesis actually took place during the same time span attributed to the Bible itself. It is only because the atmosphere of the Earth was changed and that the surface is covered with soil and rock blasted from Martian volcanoes, specifically zircons, that the events of the last 6,000 years are thought to have taken place over the last 66 million years, an imaginary period called the Cenezoic.

Peleh: Hidden Knowledge
Peleh is a mystical Hebrew word, often translated ‘miracle’ or ‘miraculous.’ It is the nearest Old Testament word to ‘supernatural.’ It connotes a revelation of heretofore-concealed knowledge. The root ‘peleh’ signifies a connection between the physical and the spiritual via the power of speech. Consequently, the term ‘Peleh’ is used to describe those physical utterances which have both a physical and spiritual meaning. This aptly describes my book, which reveals ‘hidden’ knowledge concerning encounters of Venus, Mars and Mercury with the Earth during the Bronze and Iron Ages, postulating that this cyclic catastrophism was purposefully initiated by God in order to introduce the flora and fauna present on earth today and create Adam, mankind. As discussed in most of my works, the Judeo-Christian Bible tells of God’s control of these events, and his forbidding of his people to worship the planets by building alters and idols representing them, while all other religions which originated in antiquity, were based on the worship of these planets.
The Jews tell the following story in regard to Peleh:

The Baal Shem Tov entered Meshiach’s (the Messiah) heavenly chamber and asked “Meshiach, when are you going to come?” Meshiach responded, “When the wellsprings of your teachings (Peleh) spread forth throughout the entire world.”

Thus, only when the knowledge of the Lord’s miraculous intervention related in Peleh: Hidden Knowledge,  has permeated the world, will the return of the Messiah be imminent.

Psalm 26:7  That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.

~ by Angiras on July 10, 2016.

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