Ice Ages on Mars?

Fig. 1 SWRI depiction of Mars northern ice cap before Ice Age

Fig. 1 SWRI depiction of Mars northern ice cap before its ‘Ice Age’.

“An ice age recorded in the polar deposits of Mars” Isaac Smith et al. was published in May 27  issue of Science. Based on radar probing of the northern ice cap of Mars by the NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which recognized layers of different density, the authors claim that  ~87,000 cubic kilometers of ice have accumulated at the poles since the end of the last Mars ice age ~370,000 years ago. This date is based on the notion that Mars’ spin axis is unstable resulting in the north pole facing away from the Sun that long ago. However this ‘analysis’, exemplified by the accompanying figure (Figure 1), ignores the obvious shape of that deposit, which disproves their hypothesis about the origin of the top layer of ice, shown in Figure 2.

Cylic Catastrophism

In 3687 BC, Mars first became captured in a geostationary orbit of the Earth over Mt. Kailas for 14.4 years at a time (a Day of Brahma or kalpa) then escaped to a planetary orbit which crossed that of the Earth for 15.6 years (a Night of Brahma). This 30-year cycle was repeated one hundred times.between 3687 and 687 BC. That is why it was called ‘Indra’s Home on Earth’. Indra was the Vedic name for Mars and is the most important deity in the Rg Veda. At the

Fig. 2 Evidence of the whirlpool flow into the north pole vent (marked) on Mars.

Fig. 2 Evidence of the whirlpool flow into the north pole vent (marked) on Mars.

end of each capture period, Mars escaped its geostationary orbit at a vernal equinox when the aligned tidal effects of the Sun, Moon, Venus, and Earth caused the northern ocean, to overflow the northern island on Mars, which faced the Earth as in Figure 2, and swirling like a whirlpool, cascaded into the deep volcanic vent, which NASA has not yet detected (or revealed), at its north pole (marked).  Upon reaching the outer core of Mars it flashed to steam and forced the hot, glowing, solid iron core out through the huge Valles Marineris fault on the equator, described initially as the ‘eye of Horus or Ra‘ in Egyptian myth, but then as it moved into space as Hathor (Hermes in Greek myth, Sarama in the Rg Veda and Mercury in Roman myth) zoomed low around the Earth to the east in a slingshot maneuver (obviously not invented by NASA) and caught up to the outer shell, with a gaping hole. drifting to the west, in eight days. Mars becoming reconstituted in the next 15.6 years. The entire process is described in an earlier post Stairway to Heaven which show an Egyptian drawing, which gives a clear, ‘engineering’ view of the solid core of Mars being readied for launch, to carry the soul of the Pharaoh Seti I ‘to the stars’.

However, at the end of the last kalpa, in 687 BC, the solid iron core (now called by its Roman name, Mercury) was deflected by Venus and the two drifted into the inner solar system where they remain to this day. The shell of Mars, as dictated by the conservation of orbital angular momentum and kinetic energy, collapsed in on itself and drifted out to its current freezing orbit. Therefore the whirlpool formed on top of the northern island, still 3 km above the surrounding terrain, was seen by everyone on Earth in 687 BC and is not the result of an ice age. If it was, it would just be a flat deposit as on the poles of the Earth. Also, scientists have found that the 4.6 billion year old Mars, mysteriously, has no solid core!

Scientists are completely unaware of these recent encounters, which completely reshaped the Earth and all the other terrestrial planets. As a result they try to explain the characteristics of each planet in terms of billions of years.  There is no feature on any of the terrestrial planets, Earth, Mars, Venus or Mercury older than 6,000 years.

Isaiah, the prophet, who lived in 687 BC at the end of the last encounter, wrote the following message from the Lord, which not only shows his sovereignty (the biblical significance of the number 10 is completion and factors of ten are meant to emphasize this point), but also prophesied the current scientific blindness toward the events described in the ancient texts and in the Bible:

 Isaiah 65:17 See, I have created new heavens and a new earth. The former things will not be remembered, nor will they come to mind.




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