Mysterious Radar Ochoes

Fig. 1 Jicamarca equatorial ionosphere radar monitor

Fig. 1 Jicamarca equatorial ionosphere radar monitor

A new post on the Geospace blogsite reports a possible explanation of mysterious radar returns, which have been observed for decades by Jicarrarca Radio Observatory at a range (altutude) of 150 km. This signal appears every day at dawn, gets stronger and its altitude decreases 20 to 30 km toward the ground until the Sun is directly overhead and then rises again until sunset. Nothing has ever been observed with telescopes. This has been going on since the 1960’s! The article discusses a computer model in which sunlight strips electrons from oxygen and nitrogen molecules and suggest the resulting ions reflect the radar signal. This is the only idea conventional astrophysicists have come up with in fifty years.

‘House-Sized comets’ falling to Earth

However, there exists another potential, more physical source of these radar returns. Since May 1997 two astronomers, Louis Frank and John Sigwarth have been studying ultraviolet images from two NASA satellites and detected innumerable bodies falling into the upper atmosphere.  They have shown images at scientific meetings of 5,650 bodies taken on a single day by the NASA Polar satellite which they claim are ‘house-sized comets’ continually falling to Earth from space. Dr. Louis Frank estimates a vast multitude of 20 to 40-ton comets falling to Earth at a rate of 25,000 per day. Their work has been a source of controversy in the planetary science community, the majority of whom cannot believe that so much water could be falling to Earth, claiming instead that the objects are not real, but only ‘noise’ or bad pixels in the images. An article from the University of Iowa supports Frank and Sigwarth, restating the fact that the number of ‘comets’ imaged definitely decreased with the altitude of the Polar satellite, proving the objects are real physical entities, proving the validity of these house-sized comets.


The long running controversy hinges on the total amount of water that has been falling and its origin.  The problem largely arises due to the primary assumption of the ‘standard model’ of planetary science: The belief that all the planets have been in their current orbits for 4.6 billion years. This would imply that the ‘comets’ must have been falling for that entire period. Conversely, it is the denial that there have been any ‘catastrophic’ events which could have changed the solar system, certainly not in recent millennia. As a result of his seemingly outlandish claim of so much water falling from space every day right ‘under our noses’, Profs. Frank and Sigwarth have been jeered at meetings, vilified and ostracized by the scientific community, providing insight into the attitude of planetary scientists toward anyone, even tenured scientists, who dare to challenge the current standard model.

Cyclic Catastrophism

Cyclic catastrophism, the subject of this blogsite, reveals hundreds of drastic changes in the solar system in the last 6,000 years, positing that every aspect of the current solar system is completely different from the standard model.  The most powerful and unique event, which triggered all of these changes was an impact on Jupiter out of which proto-Venus was born. This event proves that Jupiter is a solid, highly deuterated methane gas hydrate planet encapsulating essentially all the heavy elements in the nascent solar system and that each terrestrial planet is the result of a separate impact on this giant planet. The aspect of this hypothesis which applies to the ‘house-sized comets’ is that methane gas hydrate, and therefore all the giant planets, are primarily water.  Thus when a huge impact triggers a thermonuclear blast, due to the high percentage of heavy water (deuterium) in Jupiter, the body of the new terrestrial planet forms quickly from the heavy elements released, producing a proto-planet such as Venus, but the vastly larger number of water molecules released expand in all direction and remain orbiting invisibly in the inner solar system.

I suggest that the water formed from the thermonuclear impact on Jupiter quickly crystallize are now floating weightless in space but only in the form of tenuous or porus, loosely bound bodies accreted literally as snowflakes. At high altitudes these would move just as solid bodies. A significant mass of them have fallen into the upper atmosphere of proto-Venus, but the vast majority, which will descend to the surface of Venus (currently >800 F) and form its oceans once it has cooled down, remain floating in the inner solar system. Therefore it is logical that this is the water that comprises the ‘house-sized comets’ imaged by the NASA Polar satellite.  Dr.Frank’s estimate or 20 to 40 tons per comet is probably based on the assumption that they are densely packed and is therefore probably excessive, because there is no strong gravitational field to compact them.

The Mysterious Radar Echoes

The continuity and quantity of these comets readily explain the source of the mysterious signals seen every day by the Jicamara Radar which is uniquely placed on the equator of the Earth where the water captured in Earth orbit would be expected to be located.

To explore the deeper implications of the falling water see WIMPS Identified.

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