Subduction Ongoing?

Fig.1 Subduction zone that formed the Rockies in the last 6,000 years

Fig.1 Subduction zone that formed the Rockies in the last 6,000 years

We have all seen the images of the subduction zones. Geologists tell us how many millions of years this slow process has been going on. They ‘prove’ this by studying the ages of zircon crystals found everywhere on Earth, associated with rocks like granite and in the soil. As discussed on this blog site, e.g. the posts appearing immediately below this one and others, the material that covered the Earth with tens of km of soil and rock, flora (as manna, Soma) and deluges of Martian water were blasted by hundreds of  volcanoes in Mars’ northern hemisphere between 3687 and 687 BC, as diverse human cultures watched and recorded the events in their ancient texts. The zircons currently thought to date Earth events were all blasted to the Earth from Martian volcanoes in that period and therefore give the dates from Mars, not the Earth. Over the 3,000 years of these encounter large numbers of ordinary rocks impacted the near hemisphere of the Moon, were smashed into tiny fragments because there was no atmosphere to decelerate them, producing the lunar regolith. At one release of Mars from geostationary orbit, a rapid-fire stream of fourteen large bodies were ejected from the super-large vent at its north pole creating the fourteen maria, which reveal the same ancient ages (of Mars).  The maria were the fourteen pieces of Osiris’s body spread around by his enemy Set, but were found by Isis (the Moon) who placed a monument at each site. These ‘monuments’ are the fourteen lunar maria, recorded in the Egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. Osiris was a hardened lava feature that extended from the north pole of Mars over 2000 km, also called Prajapati, Purusha (Rg Veda), Brahma (Hindu), Zeus (Greek), the ‘column of smoke and fire’ and the archangel Gabriel in the Bible.

Mars in a geostationary orbit, tidally linked to the lithosphere of the Earth via the uplifted Tibetan Himalayan complex, caused the entire lithosphere of the Earth to revolve as a unit with Mt. Kailas ‘Indra’s home on Earth’ remaining in the ecliptic plane for each 14.4 year encounter, sliding over the mantle at a more slowly and in a different direction from the interior. A clue to this is evident in the fact that all ancient cultures have calendars with both 360 and 365.25 days per year.  Its ‘tidal drag’ changed the entire surface of the Earth. The subduction zones are the immediate evidence of the westward motion of the continents.  Another is the presence of granite, found only on the continents of the Earth. It was only the enormous tidal force of Mars in geostationary orbit over Mt. Kailas (Indra’s home on Earth) that could cause the subduction of the continents to occur. Since these encounters with Mars just ended in 687 BC, the subduction appears to be on-going but it will never continue at the rate achieved by the encounters with Mars.

This shifting of the lithosphere by Mars tidal effect also resulted in large portions of the Earth’s surface normally in the northern hemisphere, forming instead in regions where the magnetic field was reversed. Geologists interpret these rocks as solidifying during ‘chrons’, when the continents were still drifting. In truth, the world we know today formed in the last 6,000 years.  See Mid-lithosphere Discontinuities.

If no use is made of the labors of past ages, the world must remain always in the infancy of knowledge.                                                           Marcus Tulius Cicero


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