Deep Secrets Beneath Tibet-Himalayas

Fig. 1  3-D high velocity structures beneath East Asia

Fig. 1 3-D high velocity structures beneath East Asia

A recent study using supercomputers with software developed for commercial seismic work, has analyzed multiple types of seismic reflections from 227 East Asian earthquakes received at thousands of stations. When combined, these give a 3-D image of the rock formations in East Asia to a depth of 1000 km, never possible before, shown in Fig. 1.

3-D high velocity structures beneath East Asia from 50 to 1000 km depth viewed from the southeast. Surface topography with vertical exaggeration is superimposed for geographic references. Isosurfaces of high velocity anomalies from 1% to 4% with 1% intervals are plotted. Three cut planes show the shear wave velocity maps at 410, 660 and 1000 km dpeths. The highest elevations represent the Himalayans and Tibet.”

Fig. 2  The scorched path of proto-Venus from Sahara to Tibet

Fig. 2 The scorched path of proto-Venus from Sahara to Tibet

To date no conclusions based on the images have been published, but they certainly should stimulate some controversy. Based on the uniformitarian paradigm, geologists believe that the 2,600 square mile Tibetan-Himalayan complex has been rising for over 55 million years, due to the ponderously slow collision of the Indian and Asian plates.  This may sound reasonable, but nothing in the image suggests that this is true.  In most instances where such collisions take place, one plate, for example the west coast of the US, is subducted downward into the mantle while the other plate rides over it. Certainly a range like the Himalayas is not rising up on the West coast.   In fact, most of the other orogonys, (mountain building event) occur along the scorched path of Venus, shown in Fig. 2.

As suggested in several post1 post2 on this site, the ages calculated by K-Ar and U-Pb analyses of zircon crystals which are well known to be products of volcanic explosions.  However, there are no volcanoes in the Himalayas! They are actually dating a >2.5 km deep layer of rocks blasted from Martian volcanoes when it orbited the Earth only 33,500 km above the Himalayas, and were deposited from the resulting 1300 km long tidal bulge in what is known as the Kailas formation at an altitude of 5000 m, This layer contains red rocks similar to those photographed surrounding the two Viking Landers 20 years ago.

In cyclic catastrophism,the Tibetan-Himalayan complex was catastrophically raised by two close passes e.g. of proto-Venus at the beginning of the Vedic Period only 4,000 years ago. This rendered them completely unstable. The earliest authors of the Rg Veda describes this as:

“The mountains are the eldest children of Prajapati. (the creator). They were winged. They kept flying forth and settling wherever they liked.  At that time the Earth was unstable. Indra (Mars) cut off their wings. By means of the mountians he made firm the Earth. Therefore the clouds ever hover about the mountains. For this is their place of origin.”

In the sebsequent 3,000 years, Mars remained geostationary above Mt.Kailas, called ‘Indra’s Home on Earth’, the focus of the Himalayan gravitational anomaly, for 14.4 years at a time and repeated this one hundred times, between 3717 and 687 BC, stabilizing but continuing the upward tidal force on the entire complex.

What is most meaningful in the figure is the dense rock bodies (in blue) extending vertically downward some 900 km,  This vertical structure is evidence of the geologically instantaneous melting and uplifting of the Himalayan complex in 4000 BC  (currently believed to be 55 million years old) by close passes of proto-Venus.  If the collision of the thin Indian and Asian plates was responsible for the Himalayan uplift this would be reflected as horizontal rock structures, of which are are none.

You are all young in mind … you have no belief rooted in old tradition and no knowledge hoary with age. And the reason is this. There have been and will be many different calamaties to destroy mankind, the greatest of them by fire and water …Your own story of Phaethon .. is a mythical version of the truth that there is at long intervals a variation in the course of the heavenly bodies and a consequent widespread destruction by fire of things on Earth.  

Egyptian priest at Sais to Solon the Greek in Plato’s Timaeus

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