NASA Juno Will Explain ‘The Axis of Evil’

The Cosmologic Axis of Evil, the Direction of Motion of the Solar System

The Cosmologic Axis of Evil, the Direction of Motion of the Solar System

Until recently, cosmologists have had little concern with the solar system, being focused primarily on the power spectrum of
small angle temperature anisotropies in the Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB). However, studies of the WMAP sky data, refined by the ESA Planck satellite reports (XV,XVIII), have revealed a number of large scale alignments: of the quadrupole and
octopole moments with one another; with the ecliptic plane; the equinox; and most significantly with direction of the motion of the solar system, the kinematic vector. This suggests that a explosive event of great magnitude occurred recently in the solar system, of which cosmologists are unaware.

The author suggests that Juno will detect a strong radiation signature in a large crater in the Methane Gas Hydrate surface of Jupiter, less than 800 km below the cloud-tops, in which a residual fusion reaction from that explosion, 6,000 years BP, still burns to this day on Jupiter, This explosive event may not only be the cause of the large scale CMB anomalies, it may be the source of what is currently believed to be the entire Cosmic Microwave Background. The NASA Juno probe, due to begin a detailed study of Jupiter’s ‘interior’ in mid-2016, will detect the fusion furnace still burning in the huge crater formed by that impact. A paper intended to prepare the cosmology community for these Juno results can be found here.

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