Great Red Spot Shrinking

Fig. 1 Shrinking of Jupiters Great Red Spot

Fig. 1 Shrinking of Jupiters Great Red Spot

The Great Red Spot is the most duplicitous emblem in the solar system. As currently taught, it is a symbol of the failure of the astophysical ‘community’. In reality it is a common sense clue to the recent history and cosmogony of the entire solar system. It demonstrates unequivically that Jupiter is not a gas giant, by having remained at the same latitude for some 350 years, during which time it has been observed telescopically. The GRS is not a ‘storm’ because it is an atmopheric high. It is the top of a column of hot gas rising from a nuclear fusion furnace still burning in the enormous crater out of which proto-Venus was born only 6,000 years ago. In a recent post, I have explained that after that impact a million-mile-long jet of hot gases shot into space from the fusion furnace, which condensed into millions of solid bodies, producing the differences in the Galilean moons and creating the main asteroid belt. Because of Jupiter’s rapid spin, asteroids were ejected in all directions and a special class, ejected directly toward the Sun, have just recently been recognized as the Kreutz sungrazers. Proof of their origin from Jupiter lies in their negative inclinations (144 degrees measured from north axis of the ecliptic plane), due to their ejection from the location of the GRS, at 22 degrees south latitude.  The ‘astrophysical community’ stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the obvious fact that the Kreutz sungrazers cause sunspots, and still have no idea that they were all formed from a jet, the position of which is marked by the GRS.

Jupiter’s Slower Rotation

Fig. 2 Monotonic slowing of Jupiter's rotation up until 1930

Fig. 2 Monotonic slowing of Jupiter’s rotation up until 1930

Amazingly, measurements of the rotational period of the GRS, currently believed to represent the ‘drift’ of this ‘storm’ actually are a measure of the slowing of the giant planet itself, due to the mass being ejected from the crater, which only ceased around 1930 AD, as shown in Figure 2. Coincidentally, this date is just now being touted as the time that the Great Red Spot began to shrink.

The birth of proto-Venus from an impact on Jupiter (a solid methane gas hydrate planet) makes clear that each terrestrial planet formed in the same way and, as a corrolary, each has a unique age, which are all younger than the giant planets, the age of which is unknowable.

Oxygen Deficit Solved

Although rarely discussed, the current belief that Jupiter and Saturn are ‘gas giants’, comprising hydrogen and some helium, creates a major dilemma.  The same ‘community’ claims that oxygen is the third most abundant element in the solar system (based on nucleogenesis and Carbonaceous Chondrite meteorites).  Since only miniscule amounts of oxygen have been measured on these giants, which comprise 92 % of the mass in the solar system, astrophysicists have resorted to the specious argument that the oxygen is “in their cores”.  But Cyclic Catastrophism allows everyone breathe easier, because the true composition of the giant planets is methane gas hydrate, which is  primarily oxygen by mass. So we go from a deficit of oxygen to an enormous surplus.  Thus the impacts on Jupiter out of which each terrestrial planet is created produces sufficient oxygen for  their oceans and atmospheres grom the get-go.

Space and Time!  now I see it is true,  … what I guessed at when I loafed on the grass, …  as I walked on the beach under the paling stars of the morning,  My ties and my ballasts leave me, my elbows rest in sea-gaps, I skirt sierras, my palms cover continents,  I am afoot with my vision.                       Walt Whitman          Leaves of Grass

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4 Responses to “Great Red Spot Shrinking”

  1. WRD
    The presence of Mars in geostationary orbit would not have changed the gravity on Earth significantly. The one place where it might have made a tiny difference, directly below Mars, was covered with a hugh tidal sea. Beings who descended from Mars would be taller because it only had 0.6 the mass of the Earth.
    The impact(s) on Jupiter might have perturbed its orbit slightly, but this would depend on the direction. The energy out of which terrestrial planets were created was not pure kinetic energy of the impacting body. It was the triggering of the giant nuclear fusion which exponentially increased the energy. I’m not sure if that form would translate completely into momentum transfer. Of course, just the long-lived jet that continued for 6,000 years, slowed the giant planet’s rotation considerably, so there was a significant amount of momentum (angular) involved.
    This impact explosion was larger than anyone can imagine today. It caused the entire Earth to groan, due to gravitational radiation. What is really interesting for anyone interested in cosmology, there is a puzzling non-random anomaly in the Cosmic MIcrowave Background (CMB), which has facetiously been given the name of the ‘axis of evil’. Quoting :
    “One of those possibilities is that these fluctuations are due to something in the “foreground,” meaning anything that might have interfered with the CMB photons between their emission and our detectors. Those who favor this solution point out the odd coincidence that the “axis of evil” is somewhat aligned with the ecliptic in the Solar System, which is the plane containing the orbits of the planets and many other bodies. What sort of absorber that might be is puzzling, however, since it must closely mimic the power spectrum in most respects or we wouldn’t see the expected results at smaller scales.”
    It hit me that the impact explosion on Jupiter, 6,000 years ago, could have produced the gravitational waves that are causing this anomaly, because this would be in the ‘foreground’ and in the plane of the solar system.

  2. W.R.D.
    Mars lost a lot of mass, but much of it is spread all throughout the inner solar system. I don’t think enough hit the Earth to significantly change its gravity. REmember, one hundred generations of mankind lived thru these ‘catastrophies’. Perhaps large animals lived in a higher oxygen atmosphere, which could result in higher metabolism. I think the really big ones were sluggish and ate vegetable matter. The raptors were smaller.

  3. I was thinking something similar about ancient myths were some people(s) were found to be very large (giants). So could a close solar body (say Mars in this case) to earth have an affect on a child’s growth size during a specific 15 year encounter?
    I was also looking forward to John Ackerman’s response to the possibility that the impact on Jupiter which created proto-Venus could also have caused Jupiter to have moved to a different solar orbit.

  4. I have missed your news and had not figured how to get onboard. Am now.
    Was casually thinking about early Earth gravity and how the animals got so large. Expanding Earth got its extra material from Mars???

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