Nebra Sky Disc was Mars


Fig. 1 The Nebra Sky Disk

The Nebra Sky Disk was discovered in Germany in 1999 and has prompted numerous hypotheses as to its purpose and meaning. This article is limited only to the Cyclic Catastrophism evidence. The internet can provide additional volumes on the disk and the many hypotheses already suggested. The many Cyclic Catastrophism posts on  this site explain in extensive detail that beginning around 3700 BC, ‘Mars’ was repeatedly captured in a geostationary orbit directly above Mt. Kailash in the Transhimalayas, where it remained for 14.4 years and was subsequently released into an orbit of the Sun for 15.6 years. Moreover, that these 30-years cycles occurred one hundred times, ending in 687 BC, when Mars permanently lost its solid core Mercury and all the terrestrial planets entered their current orbits at that late date.  As a result, this apparition, some 630 times the area of the full Moon dominated the religions, thoughts and actions of the first one-hundred generations of mankind. Therefore it is not surprising that all ancient myths, religions and military campaigns were somehow related to the presence of these sky gods.


Fig 2 Google Earth perspective of NASA Mars mosaic matching Nebra Sky Disk

Although Cyclic Catastrophism has been derived primarily from Vedic, Hindu and Egyptian texts in the last 15 years, the current generation can now benefit from the planetary data that has been collected in the last two decades, as illustrated by images shown in Figures 2 and 3.  The raised northern island does not stand out well in Figure 2 because the Google Earth has chosen the images with the least snow cover at the north pole.  The advantage of this source is that it allows the user to adjust the perspective, which I have done to match that of the Nebra Sky Disk.  Note that the northern island is to the left of center and about the same size relative to the whole disk as the (damaged) circular metallic feature on the Disk. It is offset from the center because Mars was to the south-east of Germany, over Mt. Kailash and its north pole was directed directly downward toward that point on the Earth.

The second feature of particular note in Figure 2 is the cluster of craters in the upper right of the image, which matches the position of the similar cluster on the Nebra Sky Disk in Figure 1. Some interpreters have suggested that this represents the constellation Pleiades, but I maintain that during Cyclic Catastrophism, the only ‘stars’ of interest were the ‘circum-polar stars’, which were volcanoes on the spinning wheel of Mars.

During Cyclic Catstrophism the northern hemisphere, surrounding the northern island was covered with water. The extent of this ocean gradually decresed throughout the 3,000 years (one hundred 30-year cycles). Assuming the ocean was present at the date the Sky Disk was made, a reflection of the Earth would have been visible on Mars and if the Earth was partly in shadow, that is night, then all that would have been seen in the reflection would have been a crescent.

Fig 3 NASA mosaic of Mars northern hemisphere with mountain arc at lower right.

Fig 3 NASA mosaic of Mars northern hemisphere with mountain arc at lower right.

Figure 3 is a NASA mosaic of the entire northern hemisphere of Mars.  This particular image shows an arc-like mountain range at the lower right matching the position of the arc at the bottom of the Nebra Sky Disk, which even contains markings in the metal similar which may have been an attempt to depict the mountains.

The Nebra Sky Disk was probably a shield denoting that the warrior was a disciple of the Nordic deity Odin, a name for Mars,  This is corroborated by the attribute of having only a single eye The ‘eye of Horus (Mars)’.  Odin was known for his unending serch for the mysteries of life, a characteristic that we share.

~ by Angiras on March 11, 2014.

2 Responses to “Nebra Sky Disc was Mars”

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  2. I’m from Germany. I’ve visited the museum in Nebra with a guide 3 years
    ago. The explanations for the circumstances of the find where overwhelmingly detailed.
    They even knew that disc was worked over 3 times roughly
    every 50 years. The astronomical knowledge of that time was repeatedly
    praised. But when asked what the disc actually displays, I was told that
    the shapes on the disc have decorative and abstract meaning only.
    This answer gave me a disconcerting feeling.
    I was speculating since, whether these circular hooks (sickles) were
    planets in the polar configuration. But all the dots didn’t make any sense.
    I find your theory along with the images of Mars more convincing.

    Even more evidence can be found in the archeological excavations of central Germany.

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