The Moon When Mars Orbited the Earth

Figure 1 Orbits of Mars and Moon about Earth

Figure 1 Orbits of Mars and Moon about Earth

There is infinitely more evidence that the Earth was rejuvenated between 3700 and 687 BC, than the currently unproveable ‘consensus science’ view that nothing about the solar system has changed in the last 4.6 billion years. In fact, the very evidence currently imagined to give the ‘age of the solar system’, is but debris from the convulsions of Mars, by which all of its vital resources were explosively transferred to rejuvenate the Earth during this period. The one-hundred captures and releases of Mars in a geostationary orbit of the Earth during this period are well documented in ancient texts, because millions of people observed and described them in great detail.  All of their knowledge is presented on this blog site and in my books.

Is it surprising that not even a single ‘catastrophist’ has imagined that Mars orbited the Earth – even once?  It is not, because the prophet Isaiah, who lived in 687 BC, at the date of Mars final departure from the Earth’s realm, voiced the words of the Lord: “Behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; and the former shall not be remembered nor come into mind.” So what you read on this blog site is unique, the pure truth, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Figure 1 shows the relationship of Mars’ orbit of the Earth to that of the Moon from the perspective of the Earth, In more absolute terms the Earth and Mars (mass = Mars + Mercury) mutually revolved once a day about a common center of mass some 845 km above the surface of the Earth.

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