The Truth About Mars

Figure 1. Water ice whirlpool on 3 km high island at Mars north pole.

Figure 1. Water ice whirlpool on 3 km high island at Mars north pole.

The Cyclic Catastrophism scenario began around 3700 BC.  It reveals one hundred 14.4 year close encounters of the living, green, planet Mars, when it still had its solid iron core.  During these encounters its entire oceans, atmosphere and  biosphere were transferred to the Earth, in order to accommodate the current population of Homo Sapiens, which was introduced on Earth by the Elohiym, the Kingdom of God at the same date.  In order to sustain fixed tidal bulges on both planets, Mars attained a geostationary orbit above the Himalayas (Mt. Kailash) forcing the spin axis of the lithosphere to what is now central Canada during each encounter. Mars’ north pole remained oriented toward the Earth. Convulsions in Mars caused by alignments with the Moon and with eclipses blasted an enormous mass of rock into space which now forms the regolith and maria of the Moon, the regolith on Mercury, and innumerable small bodies still falling into the Sun  Many thousands of these blasts carried the crustal material, the atmosphere, the biosphere (as manna, Soma, ambrosia, Haoma) and the water to the Earth between 3717 and 687 BC.  But only the water in its northern hemisphere was available for transfer to Earth because of the tidal effect, so  in order to transfer the entire oceans of Mars, it was necessary to release it into a planetary orbit, for 15.6 years so that the water in the southern hemisphere could be redistributed evenly and thereby become available during subsequent encounters. Thus each cycle was 30 years

The physical events required to release Mars from each of its geostationary orbits was incredible. It involved a unique lava-tube fountain (Purusha, Brahma, Osiris, Zeus, Atlas, ‘the column of smoke and fire’, the Egyptian Tet or Djed Pillar, the tree of life, the ‘upside-down tree of the Shamans’, the ‘axis mundi’) on the island at the north pole of Mars which, because of the continual tidal effect of the more massive Earth rose several thousand km above Mars north pole.  So much material was blasted from Mars during this period that the northern third of the planet is 7 km below the datum. This material has formed the regolith and maria on the near side of the Moon, all earth approaching asteroids and comets, and much more is still falling into the solar atmosphere, as evidenced by the number of craters on Mercury which has only been in its orbit for 2,700 years.

On the Vernal equinox, 14.4 years after its capture, the combined tidal effect of the Sun, Moon and proto-Venus at aphelion caused an indirect tide that overflowed the island at the north pole of Mars and flowed down into the vent at the north pole just vacated by a rapid-fire sequence of large hot bodies, which  were ejected from it. The northern ocean flowed deep into this vent, called the ‘tunnel of Set’ in Egyptian myth, and the water flashed to steam causing an enormous pressure which forced the solid iron core of the planet out through the enormous fault called the Valles Marineris (Figure 2). The whirlpool on top of the island at the north pole (Figure 1) of Mars, which is 3 km above the surrounding terrain, formed at its last release from orbit when the northern ocean cascaded into the vent. The location of the vent into which the water flowed is marked with a dot.

Valles Marineris

Figure 2. The great fault on Mars called the Valles Marineris,
through which The solid core exited Mars.

The soild core first protruded through the crust as the Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ (Figure 3) and then when it actually exited Mars it became the threatening deity Hathor, which zoomed low around the earth to the east (killing men in the desert) while the outer shell of the planet drifted away from the earth to the west over the Middle East.

Eye of Ra hieroglyph

Figure 3. Eye of Ra hieroglyph, which is obviously a rendition of the Valles Marineris above.

According to Egyptian myth (Stairway to Heaven) it zoomed around the Earth in a sling-shot maneuver and caught up to the outer shell in eight days. Mars was recaptured on Nov 1st, 15.6 years later and the cycle continued.

At the last release in 687 BC, once all the crust, flora and fauna had been successfully transferred to Earth, the solid iron core (Hathor, Hermes,or Mercury) failed to rendesvous with the outer shell, interacted with proto-Venus for several centuries until both Mercury and Venus settled into their current orbits. At the same time the outer shell of Mars, sans solid core, collapsed in on itself and drifted out to become the frozen lifeless planet on which several generations of ‘consensus’ scientist are and will be searching for microbial life 3 or 4 billion years old! They are finding a vast predominance of light carbon isotopes, which were produced only a few thousand years ago by photosynthesis – Mars was called the ‘great green’ in Egyptian myth.  Because this does not fit the ‘accepted’ uniformitarian, more correctly athiestic model, they claim that the carbon isotope ‘must be’ contamination from the Earth, because we still have lots of photosynthesis. The greatest irony is that the plants we know on Earth today all came from Mars between 3717 and 687 BC. How long are we to put up with this evolutionary ‘consensus science’? The people of the world deserve better –  They deserve the truth.

(1 Cor 1:19-20 KJV) For it is written, I will destroy 
the wisdom of the wise, and will bring to nothing 
the understanding of the prudent. Where is the
wise? where is the scribe? where is the disputer
of this world? hath not God made foolish the wisdom of this world?

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