PSU Study Backs ‘Icy Comet Theory’

Do you take I would astonish?  Does the daylight astonish? Does the early redstart twittering though the woods? Do I astonish more than they?  This hour I tell things in confidence. I might not tell everybody, but I will tell you.         Walt Whitman

I just ran across an article, dated 1990, in which a tenured professor has had the nerve to defend Louis Frank who, based on ultrviolet images from the Polar satellite claimed that small comets were falling into the Earth’s upper atmosphere at the astonishing rate of hundreds per day. Prof. Frank has been ostrasized by the scientific ‘community’ ever since, showing that you can only be a member if you tow the ‘standard theory’ line.  Dr. John J. Olivero of PSU at the date of the article, detected “brief water puffs” in microwave signals that appear to be tracks of the comets as they enter the atmosphere.  He states “Its a part of the natural environment that we’ve not been aware of … nothing in our sciencehas taken this into account.”

Maybe nothing in consensus science has taken it into account.  But if you go to and do a search on “Louis Frank” or “house-sized comets” you will find some eight posts in which I explain the presence of these fluffy comets. There are actually two possible sources: (a) They could be comprised of water ejected from priori-Mars which lost most of its water as it orbited the Earth between 3700 and 700 BC or (b) the comets could contain some of the water blasted out of Jupiter 6,000 years ago along with the heavy elements that have already formed proto-Venus, but because of its great internal heat have not yet been able to settle on the planet.

Given that the captures of Mars were intended to rejuvenate the Earth, the addition of a little more water from the recent creation of Venus, are just ‘icing on the cake’.  These are not comets in the usual sense, which unbeknownst to scientists today, are near-surface rocky bodies containing aquifers, blasted from Mars within the last 5,700 years, which out-gas when heated by sunlight.  The Frank-Olivero small comets comprise water molecules that have crystalized on the surfaces of tiny dust particles and then accreted like snowflakes in the weightlessness of space, forming very low density, fluffy bodies which are practically invisible. I have even suggested, in a more expansive mood, that such conglomerations of invisible water clouds are the ‘wimps’ which comprise dark matter, which, we are told, are right at this moment, passing unrecognized through our bodies. Given that Jupiter is primarily water, in the form of methane gas hydrate, and that this remains completely unknown by modern ‘consensus science’, all ideas seem radical.

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