Summary of The Cyclic Catastrophism Scenario

Note:  My four books about Cyclic Catastrophism are available in most countries through  The first two, Firmament and Chaos were written under the pseudonym Angiras, which was a ‘messenger’ in the Vedas.  The two later books, Peleh: Hidden Knowledge and Egyptian Astrophysics: The 30-Year Cycles are listed in my name, John Ackerman, as author.  Scientific papers can be read on my website:  Links to four approximately 40 minute audios on cyclic catastrophism are available in another post.

Cyclic Catastrophism is drawn completely from ancient texts, particularly the Rg Veda, Hindu mths and ancient Egyptian texts and art.  They all comprise observatation of enormous bodies orbiting and in close proximity to the Earth. Because one hundred generations of all cultures on Earth observed the same cosmic events, the texts are consistent over space and time, lending credence to their factual truth. The repeated cyclic appearance of Mars, Venus and Mercury close to the Earth from 3700 to 700 BC – so different from the present configuration of the planets, makes the ‘reign of the gods’  or mythos difficult for the modern world to accept, for example, see:  The Bicameral Mind.  To counter this skepticism, Cyclic Catastrophism explains in detail how  the events observed during this period account for the surface features, orbits, resonances, internal makeup, indeed, the very presence of these now distant planets.

Although far from the order in which I have discovered the details of the cosmic events and the associated astrophysics, they are here presented in the time order of their occurrences to facilitate comprehension.  The details and astrophysical explanations of most events are abbreviated in this summary but links to other posts on this site are provided for anyone interested in digging deeper into certain areas.  In addition, the reader can enter a term in the search box and see all related posts. Be forwarned, there are many new, unfamiliar concepts and events that will challenge what you are convinced you know.  I urge the reader to suspend your disbelief, because there is no detail left unexplained.

Capture of the Moon

Although less certain than the remainder of Cyclic Catatrophism, I posit that the Moon was captured in its current orbit during the Younger Dryas (YD) stadial (12,900 to 11,600 years BP), and that these dates marked two consecutive ‘over-turnings’ of the the lithosphere, the rigid outer shell of the Earth.  One simple corroborating fact is that the YD immediately preceded the Holocene era, the present warm, stable period of the Earth, acknowledged to be the most important influence of the Moon. At that date the inner solar system comprised two living planets, the Earth and one which I call priori-Mars.  Venus and Mercury were not present. (See: The Capture of the Moon)

Birth of proto-Venus

Then, approximately 4000 BC an enormous impact on Jupiter resulted in a hot plasma cloud at least a thousand times the size of the giant planet itself which rebounded, contracted, becoming proto-Venus which entered a highly eccentric planetary orbit. That event was observed by ancient cultures and is part of practically all mythologies.  The astrophysical consequences of this single event overturn several accepted tenets published in every book about the solar system, suggesting instead that: (a) Jupiter is an enormous, low density, solid, frozen Methane Gas Hydrate (MGH) planet, not a gas giant (See; Demise of the Gas Giants); (b) The heavy elements in the nascent solar system are uniformly distributed throughout the Jupiter (See: Mysterious Oxygen); (c) The rocky inner planets priori-Mars and Earth were created as a result of similar impacts on Jupiter 4.6 and 3.9 billion years BP (ago); (d) Along with the heavy elements which form the solid interior of the rocky planets, all the volatile lighter, more abundant elements comprising the MGH, which form the crust, salty oceans, land and life on the rocky planets like Earth, rebounded from the same impacts but in the case of Venus, still orbit unseen, waiting to be collected when the temperature of proto-Venus decreases.  As for Jupiter, all of its present features: the temperature excess; the Great Red Spot; the multiple zonal wind bands; and the various unidentified colors in its clouds, are the result of the energy flowing into the atmosphere from the 6,000-year old crater, while the body of the planet remains completely frozen.

Rampaging proto-Venus

Immediately after the impact out of which it was born, this flaming, roiling, sphere of liquid rock rampaged throughout the inner solar system crossing the orbits of the two existing, living planets priori-Mars and the Earth. Its first pass was so close to the Earth that it created the Sahara and dessicated a path across the middle east to Tibet which is still obvious from space to this day. At the end of this pass it temporarily locked onto and further raised the Tibetan-Himalayan complex and impulsively inverted the entire lithosphere which slides easily on the asthenosphere of the Earth for a third, and within decades, for a fourth time, righting the Earth once again. Even more devastatingly, these two overturnings caused the oceans to flow across entire continents, killing 99.99% of the sub-human species, e.g. Otzi the iceman, who has been shown to have considerable Neanderthal DNA, Archaeologists do not recognize the magnitude of this great destructions, but have designated it Bronze Age I and incorrectly dated it at about 3200 BC, but the corrected (Dendrochronology) date is about 3700 BC.

Just as it uplifted the Tibetan-Himalayan Complex on Earth, close passes of proto-Venus’  had an even greater effect on priori-Mars, raising the Tharsis Bulge and creating the enormous 4,000 km fault called the Vallis Marineris.  All three of these features played crucial roles in subsequent encounters between priori-Mars and the Earth.   Subsequent encounters with proto-Venus eventually ejected priori-Mars outward into an orbit which crossed that of the Earth. This led to the most amazing aspect of the 3000-year period when ‘the gods ruled the Earth’, corroborated by the Greek claim that the Olympian gods “ruled the Earth for 3,000 years”. (See: The Incredible History of Venus and Proto-Venus was Lucifer )

The Capture of priori-Mars

Without ever realizing their true significance, Immanuel Velikovsky actually determined, from his study of the Bible, the position of the points at which the orbits of the Earth and priori-Mars (sill had solid core Mercury) crossed, by noting the times of the year at which ‘raash’, poorly translated ‘commotions’, occurred – approximately Nov. 1st and at the vernal equinox, the date of Pesach, or the Passover.  Thus began a long series of encounters in which priori-Mars was captured in a geostationary orbit of the Earth, remaining stationary but slowly rotating like a great wheel in the heavens and 14.4 years later, returned to its crossing planetary orbit for 15.6 years, each complete period lasting 30 years. All cultures wondered how it remained stationary in the heavens. At each capture it became tidally bound to the Tibetan-Himalayan uplift in a geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailash, called ‘Indra’s home on Earth’, within 37,000 km of the surface, appearing 3200 times the area of the full Moon.  The features on the surface of priori-Mars were a central island at the north pole remaining oriented toward the Earth, which is still present, surrounded by seven concentric continents and within a year a column of hollow vertical lava tubes intertwined, supported by the gravity of the Earth forming a unique feature as high as 2,000 km, known as Osiris (Egypt), Purusha and later Agni (Rg Veda), the Chinese Central Palace, the axis mundi, and the “column of smoke and fire” in the Bible.  PrioriMars’ added moment slowed the rotation of the lithosphere relative to the mantle of the Earth to 360 days per year during each encounter and shifted the spin axis of the thin rigid lithosphere of Earth to the west of Hudson Bay in order that the Himalayas remain on a new, temporary equator during each encounter.  The establishing of this orbital configuration and the return to normalcy upon its release from orbit was the cause of many myths about the sunset being hastened or the Sun halting or going backward in the heavens. (Joshua 10: 12-13 and 2 Kings 20: 11). This effect was described in the Vedas as the bandhu, the effect of the heavens above on the Earth below.

The forces and resulting events unleashed by the proximity of the two massive planets orbiting one another were monumental –  the complete emptying of the Mediterranean (Messinean Salinity Crisis) and Red seas, resulting in a stationary ocean tide 5,000 meters high surrounding the Himalayas (Siwalik deposits) and a slowing of the Earth’s rotation explainable only by the continual ‘sliding’ of the lithosphere relative to the solid core via the low viscosity asthenosphere.  This huge planet, with the mass of Mars plus Mercury today, remained stationary in the sky for 14.4 years, visible to the entire world and dominated the ancient texts of every culture in the world for 3,000 years. Moreover, its one-hundred tumultous captures and releases, were even more spectacular and threatening events, which greatly increased its effect on the Earth and mankind, resulting in mythologies incomprehensible to the modern world, until now. All animal and vegetable life on the Earth was blasted from Mars to the Earth during these encounters  and the positions and volume of the continents were also produced by the encounters.

The Release of priori-Mars

Even more spectacular than the captures were the releases of priori-Mars from geostationary orbit that occurred 14.4 years later at which dates (Vernal Equinox) proto-Venus made its closest approach to the orbiting pair, and its (indirect) tidal effect, in concert with those of the Sun and Moon, caused priori-Mars to be released from its geostationary orbit back into its orbit of the Sun, where it remained for a period of 15.6 years.  No astrophysicist in the world today can explain how such repeated captures and releases could happen, but the ancient Egyptian texts explain it in great detail and there is considerable physical evidence observable today to confirm the event. (See: Cyclic Catastrophism Predicts Martian Drain Pipe)

One Hundred Cycles of 30-Years

Almost more striking than the conceptualizations of the captures and releases of priori-Mars, is the number of times they occurred.   The entire 30-year cycle was repeated one hundred times. These cycles were required to capture and tidally redistribute all the volatile material –  the oceans, atmosphere and biosphere of priori-Mars for complete transfer to the Earth.  Amazingly this took place while the first one-hundred generations of mankind looked on. The one hundred cycles of 30-years added up to the 3,000 years that the Olympian gods reigned.  The number of cycles are based on 99 Indras in the Vedas and 100  ‘holy days’ of Brahma in the Hindu myths.  Homo Sapiens Sapiens was created by the Elohiym, who only had to descend some 33,800 km from priori-Mars around 3700 BC (BA I) around the world, modify the DNA of the few sub-human male and female pairs of survivors of the destructive proto-Venus passes (Genesis 1:2 “And the earth became void and without form) and introduced the first true conceptual language, mathematics, music and law, making possible the sudden appearance of the great civilizations of the world 300 years later at BA II, e.g.  the Aryan Lands, Mesopotamia and Egypt, China and Japan..  The astronomical events of Cyclic Catastrophism provide dates for the history of these important milestones. (See: Clues to the 30-Year Periodicity of Cyclic Catastrophism and The Egyptian Game Senet and Cyclic Catastrophism).

Completion of the Great Plan

Not to be overlooked, the completion of this vast cosmic plan for the creation and sustenance of mankind, was such as to safely remove the planets Venus, Mars and its former solid iron core, Mercury, from the vicinity of the Earth.  The Bible states that the sinning angels (planets that had left there appointed orbits) were sent to “hell”, the Greek word for which was “tartarus”, literally, ‘places of restraint’, i.e. their current orbits.  Perhaps also to disguise these grand events to put modern academia, who deny the sovereignty, even the existence  of God in their ‘proper place’, as suggented in: 

2 Peter 3:3-7  Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. For this they willingly are ignorant of, that by the word of God the heavens were of old, and the earth standing out of the water and in the water: Whereby the world that then was, being overflowed with water, perished: But the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store, reserved unto fire against the day of judgment and perdition of ungodly men.

 – raising the big question, as posed by King David, who lived throughout this period:

Psalms 8:3-6  When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained ; What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him? For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour. Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands; thou hast put all things under his feet:


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