UFO & Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

UFO ‘Beamship’

This article is a little break from my usual Cyclic Catastrophism.  Several sightings reveal that UFO’s incorporate a slowly revolving, glowing toroid with four thick glowing spokes.  Many more observations point to a ship which generates a powerful magnetic dipole field that interacts with the ambient magnetic field of the earth or the interstellar field.  Assuming the toroid houses a superconducting electric current, a simple calculation yields that the current required to suspend a modest UFO is enormous > 10^13 amps.  This value assumes that the lift results from the force difference generated by the north and south poles of the vehicle, which are of equal and opposite strength, with the difference in the ambient (Earth) magnetic field just above and below the vehicle, which is very small.

However, if the rotating toroid and its spokes are superconductors, the magnetic field ‘lines’ would be trapped in each quadrant of the toroid and become twisted together by its rotation, like a braid, thereby extending the effective vehicle north and south poles into areas farther above and below the vehicle, where the ambient field strength would have a greater difference.  At low altitudes the lower vehicle pole could even extend into the Earth. In this design the rotating toroid would also provide gyroscopic stability, and although still inherently unstable – ‘their’ fly-by-wire system would be a lot better than those used in F-16, F-18 and F-22.

The presence of a strong magnetic field was indicated in the Wanaque NJ reservoir sighting when a UFO disk moved horizontally across the water at low altitude.  The water just beneath it was observed rising up in a mound which followed the craft.  This can be understood by the (Maxwells Equations) fact that a moving magnetic field creates an electric field in the stationary (reservoir) frame, and it is well known that dielectric material is drawn into areas of more intense electric field, which would be upward, closer to the vehicle.

UFO Emitting cloaking gasas

In spite of ‘gummint’ attempts to discredit him, the photographs and moving pictures obtained by the one-armed Swiss farmer Eduard ‘Willie’ Meier, are the best I know of (although some of his ideas are questionable).  In one motion picture, the UFO approaches relatively close to ‘pose’ for his camera and in doing so inadvertently reveals the method of invisibility cloaking used by this particular ship.  Meier say this was the older style ship, which had a noticeable series of ports around the edge.  Although the UFO people allowed him to film the vehicle’s approach, cars passing by and his friends nearby could not see it.  The giveaway was that occasionally a port pointing off to the side of the camera would ‘light up’ for a second.   Obviously, this cloaking system consists of light sensors spaced around, above and below the vehicle.  The spectrum of the light detected, say, coming from the north, is then replicated by a flourescent gas mixture which is periodically ejected from the southern facing port. The gas spreads out to form a ‘screen’ the same color as the background, thereby making the vehicle invisible.  This cloaking depends on the UFOs ability to hover without generating any appreciable air circulation.

An interesting anecdote occurred when a woman at an airport in Switzerland took a Polaroid photograph.  She saw no UFO, but the photo showed a UFO surrounded by a reddish ‘cloud’.   The story was that a Swiss military aircraft was in the area, and the UFO was cloaking itself at the time the photo was taken.  The obvious explanation was that the flourescent gas emissions were designed for the human eye’s spectral sensitivity, whereas the spectral sensitivity of the Polaroid film was sufficiently different to cut through the cloak.  Meier claimed that he told the UFO people about the Polaroid problem and they thanked him and said they would fix it.

The attraction of dielectric material into areas of intense electric fields may also explain how the UFO occupants can withstand the high-G accelerations sometimes reported by pursuing pilots.  The magnetic field of the vehicles is very intense in the ‘cabin’ and may even be ‘focused’ on the occupants.  In a rapid maneuver their bodies would suddenly be moved perpendicular to the field, creating an electric field as seen by the body.  The body would quickly be restrained as it moved toward the less concentrated magnetic field.  The important difference between this and our restraint methods, which are based on external straps, is that our organs are not restrained but crash against the exterior straps, causing internal damage.  The UFO the electric field restraint acts on every cubic inch within their bodies and no deadly relative motion of the organs results.

Short Gamma-Ray Bursts

Mr. Meier claims to have been taken on one of the scout ships shown above to a ‘great spacer’, in which the UFO people demonstrated their ‘warp-drive’.  He states a couple of very thought-provoking ideas.  First the ship must reach its maximum velocity with the conventional, magnetic field, drive before ‘jumping’.  Second, that to reach their destination they require a couple of separate ‘jumps’.  Probably this is done to ensure they are ‘jumping’ from voids into voids.  They would not reveal the warp drive mechanism, but said it is “not difficult” once you approach the velocity of light.  They did say that some of their people had ‘been lost’ early in the warp drive development, (possibly by not being able to get back home).

Short Gamma-Ray Bursts are so fast that they cannot be caused by stellar explosions but are considered the most powerful events in the universe because they are thought to be at enormous distances.  This idea is due to the arbitrary (read incorrect) association of red-shift with distance, which pervades all of astronomy and cosmology.  As stated above, the space ships must use their conventional magnetic field drives to approach the velocity of light before the warp drive can be initiated.  As a result, the emissions produced by initiating warp drive will have an enormous red-shift and a magnetic field signature.  This has nothing to do with their distance from Earth, and by extension, with the amount of power generated in the event.

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy, Horatio.         William Shakespeare

~ by Angiras on October 29, 2011.

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  1. The rotating toroid observed in two vehicles flying over a suburban neighborhood in NJ were rotating slowly and were glowing, but had dark areas spaced around the periphery, leading to the idea that an electric current was circulating inside them and the dark areas were deflection magnets. One translation concerning the His films show that Vimanas mentioned camel or rhino urine as a fuel – at which point I gave up. This could be that the original meaning of the Sanskrit word was lost. The possibility that mercury vapor was used to conduct electricity in the toroid. The problem is that the protons with mass thousands of times greater than the electrons would be moving in one direction and the electrons in the opposite direction – but the deflection magnets would not work for both. It has been noted in gaseous fusion experiments, in which the object is to thermalize, (randomize) motion that some times a stream of particles has been found to circulate in the same direction for a million cycles. Meier visited India and some of his names for the aliens are the same as ancient indian deities (ptaah), which sounds a little contrived. That’s why I do not trust all his verbal claims. However I was just rereading one of the books on his stuff and Semyasa, a female alien, tells him that he cannot approach the ship within 90 meters, shown in the post, to take pictures because the ‘radiators’ which are on all the time, will ruin the film in his camera – this makes sense for the flourescent gases. Also the Pleiades comprises young, highly radiating blue stars which might preclude living planets. In spite of the many unknowns, his stuff and the UFOs in general present a valid and intriguing mystery.

  2. Von,
    There are magnetic field magnetic fields in space. They are less intense there, but so is gravity. Also the design scales up to large sizes, since the mag field of the vehicle is proportional to the square of the radius. The mag drive can just keep accelerating in space since it is powered by tiny fusion blasts. The charged particles from which pump up the magnetic field by Faraday and Lenz laws. The fuel is probably deuterium extracted from water – explaining their affinity for resevoirs on Earth..

  3. I was wondering how this method of propulsion works outside of a planet?? My interpretation of Vimanas is that the inertial moment of the spinning mass in the toroid get close to the mass of the planet, then it rises…and since they used mercury in the Hindu myths, just what makes the magnetic field?? Legend has it that they used only mercury from gold workers, as it had the required elements in it, like, gold, iron etc….Just wondering about the connection with the Gitas and Herr Meier’s supposed aliens from the Pleadies??

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