Fear of Eclipses

The modern, ‘enlightened’ view of eclipses is summarized as follows:
In the days before humanity became enlightened, the solar eclipse represented a time of fear and darkness. We have learned to see beyond myth and dark magic that controls through illusion, and moved into scientific understanding, though many still hold onto old beliefs linked to fear.

Seeing ‘beyond myth and dark magic’ implies that we have knowledge beyond that of ancient cultures.  This is true in the sense that we can calculate the regular orbits of the present planets and moons using the equations of Newton and Einstein, but the ancients, prior to 700 BC, observed the planets Venus, Mars and Mercury close to the Earth.  More significantly, they experienced tidal forces which changed the Earth’s spin axis by 30 degrees, caused global earthquakes, flooding, the eruption of every volcano on Earth, the raining down of innumerable meteorites, some of which caused thunderbolts when they short-circuited the ionosphere to the Earth.

Our ‘seeing beyond the myth’ has denied the world of a great body of knowledge to date because of the lack of imagination required to understand the myths.  This has led the entire scientific community to completely fallacious assumptions concerning the origin and makeup of every planet in the solar system.

The fear of solar eclipses is one example.  This fear was well founded in all ancient cultures between 3700 and 700 BC.  During that period, which lasted longer than the current ‘enlightened’ period, a planet which I call priori-Mars, actually Mars and Mercury combined, repeatedly orbited close to the Earth for fifteen years at a time and then was released into an obit around the sun for a comparable period.  When in its geostationary orbit above Mt. Kailas (Mt. Meru, Gangs Rin-po-che), it appeared some 500 times the area of the Moon.  Obviously, its approach, capture and release were fearsome, cataclysmic events, which caused innumerable human deaths.  But as the entire scenario was repeated every 30 years, each generation of our ‘unenlightened’ ancestors learned to deal with the rapid changes, which today would destroy modern civilization.

Once captured, the spin axes of both planets immediately became reoriented.  For the next fifteen years this great heavenly body remained stationary in the heavens.   The events on its surface, such as flooding and volcanic events far beyond anything even imagined in the modern world, became the TV of every culture – but there was only one channel.  The fact that one hundred  generations in every culture observed and wrote about these cosmic events has made it possible to understand them and the associated astrophysics in great detail.

This planet, priori-Mars, is referred to in Genesis as the firmament, which God placed in the heavens.  What the Bible does not explain is that this was an ancient, living planet, with oceans, an atmosphere and vegetation.  The Egyptians called it ‘the great green’ because it was covered with vegetation.

Another thing that the Bible does not tell us is the purpose of these encounters.  It was to rejuvenate the Earth by transferring priori-Mars’ atmosphere, oceans and the seeds of innumerable plants to the Earth.
But even though the surface to surface distance between the planets was only some 37,000 km, these materials could not just fly across the gap to the Earth.  This is where the Moon came into play.  As priori-Mars orbited the Earth in the plane of the ecliptic, it would occasionally pass through alignments with the Moon.  These were very sudden because the pair of planets revolved around one another once per day (geostationary orbit). The more exact the alignments were, the more violently the interior of priori-Mars convulsed, shooting large rock bodies from its interior into space.  These explosive expulsions carried with them surface rocks, dust, atmosphere and water, most of which landed on the Earth, concentrated in Tibet and the Himalayas.  But a significant amount went into orbit around the earth and eventually fell around the globe as meteorites, deluges and manna.  Indeed, the meteorites are still falling today.

But the greatest convulsions resulted from simultaneous alignments with both the Sun and the Moon, at which time innumerable hot rock bodies fell to the Earth, killing millions of people. As a result, each culture depended on astronomers whose sole job it was to predict solar eclipses or near eclipses.  This was not so easy, for two reasons: as the Moon approached the Sun it was not illuminated and the day sky was bright; also priori-Mars was so large in the sky that the convergence of the Sun and Moon could not be observed – the definition of an alignment.  In fact, the Surya Siddhanta, a Hindu astronomy  text actually states that if the alignment was perfect the convulsions could occur for three days in a row!

The release of priori-Mars from its geostationary orbit always occurred at a vernal equinox – a time when the Moon crosses the plane of the ecliptic, and it was closely aligned with the Sun.  This occurred approximately fifteen years after each capture.  In addition, these releases coincided with the inferior conjunction of Venus, which was in an eccentric orbit and at its aphelion.  The combined tidal force of the Sun, Moon and Venus caused the solid core of priori-Mars to exit the planet’s rigid outer shell through what is now known as the Valles Marineris on Mars.  The solid core dropped into a low orbit around the Earth to the east while the outer shell drifted more slowly to the west.  Egyptian hieroglyphs describe this process in detail, stating that it took eight days for the two parts of the planet to rejoin as they drifted away from the Earth.  These gripping events were experienced by every generation for 3,000 years, ending in 700 BC.

Educated people today are so smug, saying that the ancients were ignorant and practiced ‘dark magic’.  Every person alive in these ancient cultures observed and experienced events that would drive many people today to insanity due to simultaneous flooding, quaking, volcanos erupting and meteorites – rocks falling like hail, not to mention the complete disruption of all satellite systems.   In truth, the first one-hundred generations of mankind intuitively knew more about ‘astrophysics’ than all people today, who are occupied with TV, shopping, eating and making money.  Instead, we should be thankful to God who raised the sea level some 150 meters, increased the oxygen in the atmosphere and planted innumerable plants that were not present on the earth previously – to accommodatee the increasing the population of mankind.

~ by Angiras on February 16, 2011.

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