The ‘Statue’ on Mars

Statue on Mars

In 2008 NASA released a photograph from the Spirit Rover which contained in the corner a figure resembling a reclining human figure with an extended arm.  Unfortunately the rover had passed on quite a way before the figure was discovered and NASA elected not to retrace.

As would be expected, the figure triggered a lot of negative opinions from the sceptics – it was ‘just a shadow’, a ‘low gravity wind-sculpted rock’, and some more imaginative ones – e.g. an ‘Egyptian sculpture’.

Adventure Books obtained the high resolution (134 MB) original panoramic image and performed a number of relatively conservative enhancements and measurements with the view that they could quickly ‘debunk’ the idea that it was a statue.  However, they were surprised when they examined the image shown in the figure.   The ‘body’ and arm are obviously not shadows since the left side of both are illuminated.  Although most of the head is dark, the ‘back’ also appears illuminated.  For any part of this figure to be a shadow there would have to be a rock body to the left and above the figure, based on shadows in the rock formations nearby.

Although the figure was very small compared to the entire frame, the resolution of the NASA Spirit image was very high (134 MB).  The distance to the object was only about one-hundred feet, allowing significant enlargement as can be seen.  The AB study estimated that the figure is three or four feet in length i.e. if stood vertically would be that tall. It is obviously not of the same composition as the adjacent native rock and certainly appears to be a statue.

Considering its size and the limited view of the rovers so close to the ground, it is truly amazing that a true artifact might have been found, but also implies that there may be many more artifacts of intelligent life spread all over the planet, even though many are covered by the layer of volcanic dust that covers much of the surface.

In light of the enhancement above, of which NASA is certainly capable, it is surprising that they did not return the rover or at least perform a similar analysis of the image.  Moreover, it is impossible to believe that the site was not imaged a number of times by orbiters since the photograph was taken. The best orbiting camera is HiRISE which has an ‘advertized’ resolution of 30 cm/pixel at the surface, but it is possible that, like other government agencies, they are not admitting its ultimate capabilities.  The stated resolution would image the figure in only four pixels.  As poor as this would be, photographs including shadows from different angles could possibly supply additional information as to its true nature.

The problem with NASA scientists, not the engineers who do a fantastic job, is that they, along with the entire academic community have bought into the uniformitarian paradigm – the completely unjustified assumption that the solar system has been in its current state for 4.5 billion years.  This precludes the possibility that any artifact could exist on Mars.  Thus if further analysis identified it as such, the scientific community would have to hide the fact.  To accept the figure as a statue would overthrow the entire paradigm on which the observational sciences are constructed. The only kind of life scientists can afford to find are bacteria.  As everyone has been told, ad infinitum, the obvious signs of oceans on its surface ‘must be’ billions of years old.

The truth about Mars revealed in my books on cyclic catastrophism, is that it was a living planet which formed some 800 million years before the Earth, and spent 4.5 billion years in an interior orbit similar to Venus’ current orbit, where, with abundant sunlight, water and atmosphere it fostered life long before the Earth was formed.  Life on Mars was far advanced 6,000 years ago when chaos, resulting from the creation of proto-Venus, ejected that living planet into an orbit which intersected that of the Earth. During the next 3,000 years (3700 to 700 BC) close interactions with it transferred all of its atmosphere, water, seeds and bacteria to the Earth.  The floods and internal convulsions within Mars covered the planet with volcanic rock and dust, as we find it today.  The final separation from the Earth resulted when its solid iron core exited through the Valles Marineris, interacted with Venus and settled into its current orbit where it is now called Mercury.  At the same time the outer shell collapsed in on itself and drifted out to its current cold orbit, and is now called Mars, a curiously diminutive planet which is missing its solid iron core.

During the fifteen-year periods that it orbited only 33,000 km from the Earth.  The super- intelligent Martian life ( ‘elohiym) descended easily to Earth and created Homo Sapiens Sapiens by genetically modifying the few survivors of a sub-human species, as told in the Bible.  Given this scenario, it is difficult to believe that there are no artifacts of that ancient, advanced culture out of which we arose only 5700 years ago. These same intelligent beings, who created the statue on Mars, probably remain on Earth in hidden locations.  It would not be surprising if they might return to Mars just to remove the statue and perhaps substitute something more mundane, before we are better able to document it as an artifact.

~ by Angiras on November 16, 2010.

One Response to “The ‘Statue’ on Mars”

  1. Dear John Ackerman, I am fully convinced that Venus is a very young planet created out of Jupiter and caused catastrophic events on earth.
    But, to be true to our ability to think rationally I must object to your use of this statue on Mars WITHOUT a direct citation link !
    Both NASA and the intelligence world of propaganda have been caught many times creating Disinformation to spin the public mind into non sense.
    Your life’s work is too important to humanity to tarnish it by accepting Disinfo from NASA, just investigate the fake Apollo landing on the Moon a bit. ( google “NASA Mooned America” and a plethora of Official NASA actions are easily debunked by video’s,books,websites,etc… ).
    p.s. i also object to God causing catastrophic catastrophism, as you have said, it is a natural process, which traumatized mankind and also Illuminated (forced us to think in new ways). Unfortunately the satanic elite have turned this knowledge into an Indoctrination System of Control to counter the great teachings of Jesus and other Greats who would oppose slavery.

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