Little Ice Age – Big Chill

This is the title of a documentary to be aired this evening, Monday Feb. 22, at 8 PM on the History International TV channel.  I have mentioned this event in my post ‘Sun’s Effect on Earth Climate’ dated Jan 28, 2009, but this documentary gives much more detail on the climate change and its historical significance.  This event characterizes the profound effect of forces far greater than those in ‘mathematical models’ of the Earth’s climate, most of which have been ‘doctored’ to reinforce the putative global warming trend.  Not having seen it, I can only guess how strongly the documentary links the climate change to the dearth of sunspots at that date.  It will be interesting to see.

No matter how significant the sunspots are considered, one thing that will certainly not be revealed in the documentary, is the cause of sunspots.  I have revealed this in several posts, because it is an important aspect of my cyclic or biblical catastrophism.

~ by Angiras on February 22, 2010.

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  1. John,

    I didn’t realize this was showing this evening…I’ll watch for sure. I still believe you’re theory on the cause of sunspots is profound and likely correct. But, I do think the Plasma or Electric model of the Sun is a sound theory as well. Formally examining the two theories in the context of the other would likely find much support between them.

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